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YouTube Is Dying - These Channels Are Trying To Save It

We're in the middle of 2021 and more and more people see YouTube as a toxic place full of scandals week after week, thanks to people like Jake Paul or Shane Dawson. I remember when this website was full of cat videos, Vine compilations, and catchy songs.

Nyan Cat, Gangnam Style... oh my, how I miss the 2010s.

Everything has changed, and YouTube is no exception, but this is still the largest video platform in the world. I personally still believe that this can be a source of valuable and healthy content, you just have to dig deep. You have to go through millions of beauty channels, Minecraft pro players, and those teenagers who somehow managed to buy a mansion and put all their friends there.

You could say that I am a YouTube veteran, I was there when there were no like or dislike buttons, but the 5-star system. That's right, I'm old school. Kids, take note.

That's why I appreciate all the wholesome and valuable content that millions of creators still make. So I took it upon myself to compile the best channels that promote mental health and wellness.

Not everything is drama and toxic scandals, any of these YouTube channels will help you learn about mental health from professionals and non-professionals.

Kati Morton

Kati posts weekly videos that cover topics such as tips to prevent and identify some mental illnesses, some facts and myths about mental health, and how to maintain a healthy mind. She achieves all this in 10 to 20 minutes videos, not bad, right? Oh... and why should we listen to what Kati has to say? Because she is a certified therapist!

The Mighty

We all love this social network for having created a huge community of people who share their experiences on mental health. This channel is no different, here you can enjoy real stories about mental illnesses, disabilities, special conditions, and what it is like to cope with all this, achieving a normal and happy lifestyle.


His founder, Dennis Relojo-Howell, has managed to compile a great deal of educational content on topics of psychology, mental health, and well-being, as he describes on his channel. In addition, he interviews all kinds of professionals and celebrities in the world of psychology, managing to offer valuable teachings on the human mind and its maintenance. It's like going back to school, but this time it's actually cool and entertaining!

Rowena Tsai

Rowena is so relatable that you will feel in seconds that she is a friend from high school. Her videos talk about how to master mindfulness, useful tips for everyday tasks, and how to create healthy habits for the mind and body. Her tips for productivity were my salvation during the quarantine and I probably would have gone nuts without her videos!


Have you ever learned how to do something through DIY and video tutorials? I have, hundreds of times. Several pieces of furniture in my living room would not be assembled if it weren't for them. But have you ever watched these kinds of videos for people with ADHD? Well, Jessica offers hundreds of videos of what it is like to live with this condition and nail tasks of daily life.

The ASMR Psychologist

ASMR can be calming and relaxing, a very useful tool to cope with those stressful moments that can be so difficult every day. Can you imagine that it can be used in psychological therapies? Well, Dr. Emma Gray has managed to merge the best of both worlds. She takes the benefits of ASMR and with her knowledge, she manages to take full advantage of the experience so that the anxiety remains in the past. Go for your headphones and give it a try, you will not regret it!


If you want to learn a lot about mental health but can't focus on a 20+ minute video, Psych2Go is the one for you. Cute animations, relaxing voiceover, and useful and important topics. All this in videos of no more than 6 minutes. From tips to identify depression to personality tests in a portable size. Perfect for all my goldfish attention span homies.

The Aspie World

Dan has Asperger and through his channel, he will teach you everything you need to know about autism from the perspective of someone who lives with it. From learning about celebrities with autism, tips for meeting new people, and talks with different guests to see Asperger from all POVs.

Mental Health Channel

The name is straightforward and pretty self-explanatory. The Mental Health Channel is a collective of creators seeking to change the conversation about mental health. You can listen to real stories told by its protagonists about bipolar disorder, suicide, depression, addictions, and recovery and healing processes. These stories are inspiring and will surely motivate you to make changes in your life.

Anna Akana

I discovered Anna several years ago, she is an actress, writer, director, and musician, creating several very successful YouTube shows, she even was in the Marvel Ant-Man movie! But Anna is not only extremely talented, her videos on personal growth, self-care, and coping with anxiety and depression mix learning and laughter. She has a lot of experience treating depression, losing family members to suicide, and now she uses her gifts to help anyone who needs support.

The Psych Show

Dr. Ali Mattu is a clinical psychologist and will become your personal mentor who will educate, advise and motivate you in different aspects of psychology and mental well-being. Understand more about anxiety, how the brain works, phobias and tips and tricks to overcome challenges day by day with 2 videos a week.


The best lessons on psychology and neuroscience from a MAGICIAN... yes, you read that right. Richard Wiseman is a psychologist and magician who through illusions and magic tricks will teach you all kinds of quirky mind stuff. Learn about brain perception and how to make a coin disappear behind someone's ear at the same time. This channel has it all! Richard is not only very funny but very wise, man. See what I did there?

Julia Kristina Counseling

Psychologist Julia Kristina puts on the coach's cap to teach you everything you need to know about the 3 Ms: Mindfulness, Mindset, and Mental wellness. These professional and proven tips will help you have a happier and more balanced life, her videos are direct, she is not playing around and she will not rest until you achieve the peace of mind that you are looking for so much. Thanks, coach!

SciShow Psych

I love everything Hank Green does, and together with Brit Garner, they will make you totally change the way you see the world and how you relate to others. SciShow Psych takes you on a journey of discovery of all the wonders of the human mind. With science-backed data, mind-blowing graphics, and the charming personalities of the hosts learn complicated concepts about psychology and neuroscience in just a few minutes.

This list has no specific order, check all the previous channels, and don't forget to hit the like button, subscribe and let them know how much these creators helped you in the comments.


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