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Your Side Hustle Won't Work Because Of These 3 Reasons

Yes, I know, another article about side hustles.

But I didn't come here to tell you what the secret formula for success is or how to retire in six months. Come on, I'm not Jordan Belfort, although I would like to be played by Leo D in a movie.

I don't have hundreds of properties, nor did I invest in Bitcoin in 2009. But you know what I do have? Years of experience working to make my work online my main source of income. So I know a few things about starting your own side hustle.

First of all, no two successful ideas are the same. Many entrepreneurs succeed for different motives, yet all those who fail do so for the same reasons.

Whenever I see projects that failed prematurely, I always ALWAYS find the same three characteristics. And I can assure you of this since I made all these mistakes in the past.

You will give up early if you don't change these three things

I'll be very concise so that you don't have to dig through my story to find the answer.

The three mistakes you are making are:

  1. You have the wrong approach

  2. You're working hard, not smart

  3. You have a good idea, but you are not making it profitable

Any of these three things can lead any startup to premature death, yet most of us make not one but all of the above mistakes.

Read on, and if something sounds familiar, find out how to correct it as soon as possible.

Change your approach

You can literally have the formula to create a pill that will make you lose weight in a matter of minutes without side effects and also gluten-free, but if your mind's not in the right place, you won't get far.

If you're not mentally prepared to fail, start over, and change strategies, you'll give up before the first few months. It's cliché and all, but it's painfully true: Rome wasn't made in a day. The problem is that new entrepreneurs set unrealistic goals in the wrong time frames.

Your side hustle will evolve through time; you must be humble to be ready to learn, accept defeats and change the path without changing your destiny.

Play smart, not hard

If you want to be a lucrative writer on Medium, it's not enough to write 100 stories a week. If you want to publish your book, it is not enough to bombard all publishers with messages.

If you completed the first step, you are ready to improve and learn; now you must know how to do it.

Find the right strategy, use your energy in productive things, and give results. Stop pushing the square rock uphill.

Study those who did it and find out why they did it. Many times luck interfered with being in the right time and place, but there may be something they know, and you don't. Look at it this way:

There are only two ways to do things, the right way and not doing it at all.

Follow the money

You may have a great side hustle, a great product, or an innate talent, but the bills won't come alone.

Today there are many options to monetize content, services, or skills. Possibly the first option you choose is not the correct one.

Some talented writers sit back and wait for Medium's algorithm to reward them and earn $ 1,000 a month. The problem is, Medium's system is not perfect. Sometimes it favors clickbait, plagiarism, and junk stories. So if you find this article in the top stories, you already know why, lol.

Successful entrepreneurs do not depend on a single platform; they always use several-Patreon, Ko-fi, Substack, Amazon Affiliate Links, etc.

Don't plant your seeds in a single square of soil; spread them out.


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