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Your Phone Battery Will Last Years Longer If You Start Doing These 5 Things

There is currently a great conversation going on about the lifespan of phones and their impact on the environment. EU and other organizations in the world work to force manufacturers to make devices more durable and lower the levels of waste per year.

It's no secret that big brands work hard to bring you a phone that meets your needs... for two years tops.

Apple has been shown to deliberately slowing down your older devices with operating system updates.

So what can we do about it?

Easy: adopt a minimalist and spiritual lifestyle totally detached from technology.

Just kidding. I can't live more than 30 minutes without watching doggy videos on the internet.

We can do certain things to extend the life of our phones. For that, we will focus on its weak point: the battery. All batteries in every technological device are destined to die, but every day we do things that accelerate their deterioration.

Do these 5 things and protect the integrity of your battery so that it works for much longer.

1. Do not charge your phone with a case on

The shape and materials of our phones have various functions. One of them and perhaps the most important is to dissipate heat.

We know that when using or charging our phones the temperature can increase. This in the long run can affect how it works. That is why you must remove the case from your phone when charging it since these prevent the temperature from dissipating and your device overheats.

2. Don't use generic chargers

Manufacturers always recommend that you use the charger that is included in the box. That is when there is a charger included in the box. I'm looking at you, Apple.

The chargers are made according to the specifications of your phone's battery. Using another charger may affect the quality of the charge and its performance.

If you lose your charger and need to buy another one, make sure they are the same brand or certified for your phone.

3. Don't leave your phone charging overnight

I know that almost all of us do. We go to sleep and leave the charger connected to wake up with a percentage of 100%.

However, no phone currently requires 8 hours to charge its battery. So most of the night your phone will already be fully charged.

This shortens the life of the battery significantly. It's better if you charge it for a while before leaving your house in the morning even if it doesn't reach 100%.

4. Don't let the battery drain completely

This can affect any type of device battery. From your car to your laptop.

Usually, your phone gives you a low battery warning at 20%. Don't allow the percentage to fall below this, or at least 10%. Allowing the battery to reach 0 and run out significantly damages the health of your device.

5. Do not use your phone while it is charging

While charging the battery, leave your phone unused for a while. This will be beneficial for you for two reasons:

When the phone is charging it is normal for the temperature to rise. If you use it, the battery will get even hotter. It's something similar to the first point.

On the other hand, moving the device while the charger is connected is the main cause of damage to the USB cable and the charging port. It's best to leave the phone on a table in a ventilated place until it is charged.

Remember these 5 tips. I have to go now because since I started writing this piece there are some black vans with apple logos outside my house.

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