• Bola Kwame

Write Better Subtitles In 5 Minutes

We are always talking about the importance of headlines, because yes, they are very important. However, we care a lot about them and completely forget about the subtitles.

We spend all day thinking about the best headline that will guarantee us thousands of views. When we finally have it, underneath that we write a boring, tasteless sentence just because we have to.

A well-thought-out subtitle is just as important as a good headline. The latter captures the reader's attention, but the subtitle is what makes them decide to read your piece.

Learn to write better subtitles that enhance your headlines and give you more views.

1. Be clear and specific

A generic sentence will never make a reader want to read your work. Make sure that when reading your subtitle, people know what they are going to come across in the story.

Ambiguous and unclear information will get you nowhere.

2. Offer answers and solutions

Readers are always looking for something, if you offer them what they need, they will click on your story without hesitation.

If your article is about answering a question or solving a problem, make sure your caption makes that clear.

3. Affirm your expertise

You already have the reader's attention, now you must show them that they are not falling into clickbait. Mention your sources or briefly explain how you got the answer to the question.

You can achieve it by doing something like this:

"Aromatherapy helps you sleep better - Stanford University researchers say"

You demonstrate a solution to a problem and the credibility of your piece.

4. Use keywords

This is vital not only in terms of copywriting but it will also help you in terms of SEO.

A good choice of keywords in your subtitle can position your article in search engines. Not only that, with little information the reader will know that what they are looking for is in your piece.

5. It doesn't have to be too short

Some writers believe that subtitles should be like bullets. Small, fast, and powerful.

It's not a bad way to view them, but there's nothing wrong with slightly longer subtitles.

Although you should save words and be clear, a whole sentence can make a good and attractive subtitle. Don't be afraid to use multiple words.

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