• Emma Buryd

Why Are Mental Health Stock Images Always Sad and Dreary?

If you've been following Mindsmatter for a while, you know that between stories about freelancing, blogging, and the occasional rant, our main topic is mental health.

And not just mental health, but the destigmatization of it (I always have a hard time writing that word).

Spread the message about the importance of taking care of our mind as we take care of our body. Motivate anyone to tell their story and create a community of support and listening.

Understand that mental health does not have to be a story of martyrdom. That it is not just an issue for people with chronic mental illness, but everyone.

In more than a year of writing this blog, I have noticed something that always bothers me a little and today I am finally going to vent it.

After writing an eloquent story about making mental health visible, come the cosmetic steps. Structure everything in subtitles, bullet points, CTAs, and at the end: a header image.

Everyone knows how this works, you put a keyword in the search engine and the AI ​​shows you the best free-to-use images from Unsplash.

So I always get annoyed every time I put "mental health" into the search engine and 9 out of 10 images are sad, dark, and traumatic.

People crying, watching the rainfall through the window. Dark and dramatic rooms.

It is difficult to spread the message about taking care of your health without having to be a torturous process, but the images that we relate are melancholic.

I don't blame Unsplash or seek to cancel anyone.

I honestly don't know what I'm looking for. Maybe just get it out of my system.

I look forward to the day that when we talk about mental health, the images that come to our heads are mostly positive.

Just as when you put Diet or Workout in the search engine you find images of fit and happy people. No photos of people suffering while eating a salad.

Mental health should be synonymous with peace, balance, stability, and tranquility.

Maybe this is just a reminder that we have a long way to go and I must not stop.

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