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This Is What A Successful Person Wake Up Routine Looks Like

Doesn't it seem crazy to you how the days you wake up with the wrong foot everything goes wrong? Everyone agrees to make you upset, the internet doesn't work, the food tastes worse. Sometimes you just think “is the whole Universe plotting against me today?!”

There is a scientific explanation for that, it has to do with the circadian cycle. And maybe the Universe does hate you, that's a possibility that I'm not going to rule out.

Experts say that the first things you do after waking up are crucial to your performance for the rest of the day. If you wake up in a bad mood, you are going to drag that energy with you until the end of the day. You can see it as a matter of vibes, spirituality, or the law of attraction, but the explanation is totally psychological.

You've heard about the circadian cycle, right? That thing scientists tell us so much about when explaining the importance of sleeping well. Well, that's basically like the body's biological clock, it not only works while we sleep, it works all the time. This cycle helps us control energy during the day, metabolism, and sleep patterns, this is achieved through daylight perception and activities during the day. Our circadian cycle can be wrong, and it's like being jet-lagged all day, our body feels like it has to rest even though it's mid-afternoon. By having these low energies, our mood is affected and that is why we feel that everything irritates us.

The good news: you can hack your Circadian cycle!

Well not really a hack, but you can program it... like any clock! You simply have to give the correct signals to your body so that you have the correct energies at any time of the day. The best and easiest way to do that is right after waking up. These activities recommended by experts will help you regulate your daily performance, and you can ensure that every day is a killer day.

1. Have a schedule

Mark Zuckerberg, that reptilian android who founded Facebook, has a habit that has become popular. He always wears the same types of shirts and pants every day and has hundreds of the same pieces. That way, he does not waste time in the morning on inconsequential decisions.

We have a thing or two to learn from The Zuck, although we don't all want to wear the same clothes every day as a cartoon character. What you can do is plan each day in advance. That way, when you wake up, you don't have to waste time and energy making decisions like what to eat for breakfast or what tasks to do first. You don't have to plan every minute, but it does help to have a general idea of ​​the activities you will be doing that day.

2. Drink lots of water, then drink more

You may not be aware of this but your body consumes a lot of water while you sleep, and if you slept the necessary hours, you have just spent 8 hours without drinking water. Therefore, it is normal that you are dehydrated when you wake up, drinking water is not only necessary to hydrate you again but because it helps us regulate the body's metabolism.

Our internal organs don't all wake up at the same time, and a good glass of the ever-faithful H2O is one way to tell your whole body "WAKEY WAKEY EVERYONE."

3. Don't you dare hit the snooze button

The WORST thing you can do to yourself is to turn off the alarm to sleep “five more minutes.” To quote the honorable Admiral Ackbar: It's a trap!

To wake up correctly and start programming your circadian cycle, you must avoid falling asleep again, since you are only messing up the entire chemical process that happens in your brain. Not only will you not get more rest, but you will also feel a lot more tired when you wake up.

4. Do stretches

Stretching your limbs when you wake up has hundreds of benefits. First, you prevent your joints from aging much faster than you, promoting flexibility and elasticity in your muscles. Second, you stimulate the blood to flow throughout your body by giving it a signal of energy and movement. In addition, you relieve stress and tension, avoiding headaches.

Not only will you be more awake but you will be in better shape.

5. Have the first drink of the day in the sun

Water is a necessity, but the real fuel that keeps our juices flowing is the first-morning coffee (or tea, for my British mates). Which also has many benefits for our body and metabolism after waking up, but do you want to make the best of it? Have the first cup in the sun, look out on the balcony, next to the window, or go to the garden.

Remember I told you that the circadian cycle uses light to regulate itself? When receiving sunlight directly the signal will be more than clear: the day has already begun, sailor, raise anchor! In addition to telling your metabolism to start, you will get the precious Vitamin D that gives us the big star.

6. Never EVER skip breakfast

Our moms told us all this time: breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

There is no use in telling our body that it is time to start engines if we do not give it the fuel it needs to start functioning correctly. Eat a balanced and high-calorie breakfast, don't worry about carbs and high proteins as you will burn all of that throughout the day. Wake up early enough to be able to have a delicious breakfast before going to work or school.

7. Take a few minutes to meditate

If you have already explored the field of meditation, taking a few minutes before starting to do the day's tasks to meditate may be the best choice. Sometimes the problem is not that we do not have enough energy when we wake up, the problem is that we have too much, making us feel anxious and stressed. Meditation quiets the mind and allows us to take a moment to focus on everything we have to do during the day with clarity.

8. Listen to music

Once you discover the power of listening to your favorite songs while cooking or making coffee, you never go back. Obviously, you are not going to listen to Adele's love failures, better choose the beats that cheer you up and make you want to dance.

Every morning that I listen to Roar by Katy Perry while I cook I feel like I can take over the world! And you know what? Maybe I can.

Your favorite playlists will give you a good dose of morning dopamine to start the day right.

9. Tell your family that you love them

Human contact in the morning is one of the best ways to regulate our mood for the day. Hug your parents, say “I love you” to them, and have breakfast and coffee with them. If you don't live together, text or FaceTime them. You should avoid interactions that make you feel anxious, such as watching the news on social media where it seems that the world is doomed.

Better have a pleasant talk with your mother about what she will do during the day, schedule a lunch with a friend, and feel grateful for what you have every day.


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