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This Is How I Biohacked My Sleep

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The other day I had an argument with a friend, he claimed that he doesn't take naps because it “messes up his sleep during the night”, that if he slept during the day, he simply wouldn't be able to sleep during the night and that he preferred to postpone rest until the moment to go to sleep because that way he would be more tired and fall asleep easier. I, as a napping activist, told him he was wrong. Taking a nap in the middle of the day actually has loads of cool benefits and is not just for kids, as he smugly pointed out.

In fact, there are studies that establish that we are designed to sleep twice a day, (more sleep, scientifically-backed, where do I sign!?) and that in reality, it is a very common habit in mammals (which we are, in case you didn't know), and although napping has several different interpretations, there are literary records (an unnecessarily complicated expression to say books) that prove that napping has existed for thousands of years. Besides, think about this: why do we always get sleepy at 2 in the afternoon? It cannot be a coincidence, it's s the Universe speaking, put it on loudspeaker baby!

Oh, and what happened to my friend and our discussion, you ask? Well, it only took a two minute Google search to prove I'm right. He owes me a beer now.

Now, a nap is important and necessary, but what about people with very tight schedules, where it would be impossible for them to add a one-hour nap to their agendas? How do high-performance athletes find time in their tough routines? Well, there is an answer and it is simple: they sleep two hours in 30 minutes.

NuCalm: A New Way To Nap

NuCalm is a system that claims to achieve a new level of sleep without the need for drugs, fully backed by science. Use its 20-minute unwind and relax method and get the results of a 2-hour restful sleep.

The US military, professional sports teams and spa resorts have been using NuCalm technology for ages, it's their hidden little secret, well, not so secret now! Sorry, not sorry. Word has spread and now everyone can enjoy this method for a monthly subscription.

Now, what is this NuCalm treatment about? In general, it's as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Stick a biosignal processing disc on your wrist (it's like a small sticker)

  2. Set the NuCalm App, choose the duration of the nap, it will begin to guide you

  3. Put on your headphones and eye mask and the App will do the rest

Sounds very simple, doesn't it?

This treatment is drug-free and approved by the FDA, in addition, its foundation maintains that it is the only neuro-clinical system that is proven to aid in relaxation, eliminating stress and improving sleep without side effects.

The Science (Or Should I Say Magic?) Behind NuCalm

The NuCalm treatment has several elements, each playing a key factor in the restorative effects of your naps.

The NuCalm disk, or the sticker that you stick to your left wrist, emits electromagnetic frequencies to your Pericardium (which you don't even feel), and sends a signal to your heart rate and your brain that tells it to slow down and start. a state of general relaxation. It's like putting your body in slow motion, in order to get to a deeper level of rest.

By wearing an eye mask and noise-cancelling headphones, you achieve a deprivation of the senses, in which you will not be able to perceive anything from the outside world, it will only be you and your thoughts. In theory, you should achieve the long-awaited blank mind that we seek when we try to sleep.

The NuCalm App streams binaural soundtracks through your headphones, this technology is also known as neuro acoustic software. Binaural beats have been shown to regulate and control brain waves, and have been used to treat anxiety. Throughout your nap, NuCalm regulates your sleep cycle through these sounds, and at the same time, it’s synchronized with the pulse patterns of the disk on your wrist. All these elements together manage to turn off the alertness in your brain that prevents us from reaching a deep and restorative rest.

Are You Hacking My Brain?!

NuCalm treatment works on a subscription system. In your first delivery, you will receive all the elements of the treatment, the binaural beats App, an eye mask and a package with biosignal discs (the quantity depends on the subscription). Then monthly, you will receive new shipments of biosignal discs.

The NuCalm process is effective for recovery, not only physical but neurological too! This recovery effect has effects on our muscle composition, our moods, our memory, the effects of jet lag and the release of stress.

If you want to try this sci-fi-esque tech (see what I did there) check it out by clicking here. Here's a little hack, Use code Recharge25 and get the first three months free. If you don't like it, simply cancel it.

As you guys know I love all things sleep and have been trying a bunch of stuff recently to whack my sleep into gear, (weighted blankets, melatonin vapes, you name it, I've tried it) I've actually loved what Nucalm has done for my sleep and am an avid fan. If you do decide to get Nucalm, I would love to hear how you're getting on. Feel free to drop a comment and keep us all updated.

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