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These Are Signs Of Anxiety And You Never Noticed Them Before

It's normal to feel anxious at times, especially in specific situations. However, there is a very wide difference between feeling anxious and suffering from an anxiety disorder. You would think that recognizing the signs is easy, right? You would be surprised how many people suffer from a disorder and don't know it.

When I say "anxiety disorder" what symptoms do you think of? You sure think of sweating, tachycardia, shaky hands. And that's correct, but there are a lot more signs of anxiety that we don't see.

Most of the signs are not obvious or easy to identify. Read the following list carefully and find out if you suffer from anxiety.

1. Trouble concentrating

Does it often happen to you that you stop listening when someone talks to you? Or do you have a hard time focusing on one task for a long time?

When you are anxious, your mind becomes clouded with dozens of intrusive thoughts. You worry about hundreds of things that are not happening and may not happen, making it difficult for you to stay in the present.

These thoughts take up so much space in our minds that there is no more left for the truly important things. We become forgetful and inattentive.

If you find it hard for you to follow conversations and concentrate deeply, keep reading.

2. Impulsive behavior

Anxiety disorder overstimulates certain parts of our brain, such as the orbitofrontal cortex. That causes them to be too active.

What problems does this bring?

Impulsive behavior and actions without prior thought. This can be more easily reflected in online shopping and hoarding.

Anxiety makes you feel like you should buy things before they're sold out, even if they are things you don't need at all. In addition, it doesn't allow you to get rid of unnecessary stuff, since you never know when you will need them.

3. High sensitivity

A person with anxiety is constantly on the alert. This causes them to be hyper-aware of their surroundings, making them more sensitive to stimuli.

When interacting with other people, this makes us see signals where there are none. A facial expression or some reaction in others that we misread and make us feel bad. Anxiety keeps us on the defensive at all times.

If you feel that you are easily irritable or are very sensitive to the behavior of others, you may suffer from anxiety.

4. Tooth and jaw pain

It may seem like a symptom of a problem that your dentist would solve, but yes, it is a sign of anxiety.

An anxious person, even without knowing it, keeps his body tense. This is a reflection of a state of constant threat. This causes us to grind and press our teeth.

This is called bruxism, which is reflected in tooth and jaw pain.

A large percentage of people who show bruxism are highly stressed or anxious. So before making an appointment with the dentist, consider that it may be a sign of anxiety.

Keep an eye out for the signs and if you noticed one or more of the above list, consider going to a professional.

Most cases are easier to treat with an early diagnosis.

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