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Fitness and Mental Health. The Best Thing I've Ever Bought!

I recently (like at the beginning of the year) sent out my weekly newsletter, you should check it out. We've recently hit 1000 subscribers and are giving the next 100 subscribers 20% off for one year. This newsletter was appropriately titled New year, new me, same shitty goals. I spoke about the typical New Year's resolutions we make (bribe is a better word) to ourselves, why we tend to abandon them by February, why they are so difficult to keep, and how we can actually achieve them.

Among the most common goals we all set ourselves is to start a fitness life, that item has been deftly clinging on to my list since 2015, and as I promised myself and my lovely readers this year, I've actually been consistent-ish in sticking to my new years' resolution this year (month) *yay me!* yeah that's right! I've been working out like a b*tch! But god damn am I sore.

Look we all know the benefits of working out for our mental health, right? wait, what you don't? Let meeeeee entertert... educate you.

You Better Work Your Brain Out, B*tch

You've probably heard this before: when we exercise, our brain releases endorphins, or as I prefer to call it, happy chemicals. Jogging long distances or completing an exercise routine has a similar effect to various drugs, and I understand why Steve from work keeps urging me to start cross fit.

Stress is caused when our brain does not sense a threatening situation, and doing a cardio routine can be perceived as such. When we maintain a consistent exercise routine, we become better able to handle stressful situations. Never skip stress day.

On the other hand, do you want to sleep better? Do some workouts before bed and you will fall like a stone. If we maintain a constant habit, our sleep cycle will regulate itself.

No, Exercising For One Day and Taking The Rest Of The Week Off Doesn't Work 😞

Yes, that is the mantra I recite to myself every time I want to workout (how did you know) Look, I know, you've probably tried to get into fitness before (like too many times to say out loud) and are therefore well aware of all the reasons why you quit. You don't have to tell me, I'm an expert on ALL of them, like literally all of them. Lack of time, motivation, not seeing instant results or the one that takes the prize: muscle pain after training.

It's normal that when we have a sedentary life, the day after the first day of exercises is a living hell. The day after leg day I walked like a newborn giraffe. It's good that we rest, but that rest should not exceed two days, much less wait until the following January to start exercising again.

“This week I did not exercise, and with that, it's been seven days and... 4 years since the last time I did, yikes!”

Sometimes the soreness can linger, making it take a long time to get back to training and lose the habit very quickly. Making excuses is much easier when your muscles ache, trust me, I know all too well!

No Soreness. No Excuses!

Been there, done that. But I have the solution for you, and this time I speak from my own experience. Everything you need in a massager.

“What?! I can't pay a masseur every time I exercise!”

No, silly, a MASSAGER. You've probably seen one, it's like a pistol/jackhammer. Specifically this massager.

I use this bad boy on the muscles that I exercised and since then I haven't felt a bit of soreness. The next day I feel brand new. If you clicked on the link and saw the price, I know what you're thinking, but don't be too rushed.

Yes, it is probably the most expensive item I have in my house (other than my car), but it is HANDS DOWN the best investment I have ever made. I know it's cliche, health is wealth bla bla bla *yawn, then retch* but honestly, it's true, isn't it? We only have this one body, at least until Elon Musk invents cybernetic, but until then, we must take care of it or else we are screwed!

The iPhone Of Massagers

You may be thinking that such an advanced and refined piece of technology will be very complicated to use and understand, WRONG. The Theragun Pro has its own APP that will learn from your exercise routines and provide the necessary massages according to your needs, so you don't have to think, which is great because I love not having to think.

This company offers products of the highest quality and does not beat around the bush. If they made mobile phones, they would be Apple or Samsung.

There are bazillions of options on the market and many are cheaper, but the truth is that you are only buying a rubber pistol that hammers your body uncontrollably - they're cheap and don't really do the job properly, or they're cheap because they don't do the job properly, well, not won't, can't. You wouldn't buy an iPhone 12 that costs $100 and expect it to be real would you?

The proverbial straw that broke the camels back - quite apt giving what I'm about to say - the thing that made me buy the Theragun was an Arabic proverb I once heard that resonates with me till this day, it loosely translates as:

“I am not rich enough to buy something twice.”

And it's so true. we always look for deals and bargains and that's fine in some areas, but when it comes to health, better to get something that's quality and does exactly what it says on the tin, rather than trying to save a few dollars and having to go through the headache of having to buy the better option 2 weeks down the line when the bargain inevitably breaks.

I've had this bad girl for 2 weeks now, and I am never going back! If you want to try it, I’ll link it here.

Let me know in the comments how you get on with the Theragun and share your results.

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