• Emma Buryd

The Pandemic May Not Be Over For You

A few weeks ago I saw the images and videos from the Lollapalooza in Chicago and for the first time I thought: "Yup, the pandemic is gone." I went to a bar for the first time in months. I'm vaccinated, bands are playing stadiums. You can't help but feel that the Coronavirus is a thing of the past. Although the statistics suggest otherwise.

The Delta variant has proven to be more aggressive, contagious, and risky. In some countries, professionals talk about a third and 4 fourth doses of the vaccine. So is the pandemic really over? It depends on where you live, but even if there are full stadiums and you don't see a mask for miles, the pandemic may not have ended in your head.

Some terms like pandemic trauma and post-pandemic trauma are being used lately. Professionals are studying the consequences that the Covid-19 outbreak left on our mental health, even after months of confinement.

You're still having sleeping problems

This is one aspect of my life that has been affected the most during the past year. For millions of people, it was the same. By completely taking away our usual rhythm of life, everything changed, especially our sleep patterns. By not having to meet an office schedule, many stopped waking up so early. For others, it was the opposite.

Sleep during the day, stay awake at night, repeat. Little by little, many have been able to regain a healthy sleep habit, but not everyone can say the same. If you feel you couldn't get back to sleep like you used to, you may not have fully recovered.

You don't eat enough, or you don't stop eating

For several months, maintaining a healthy lifestyle became very difficult. We all had to become our own nutritionists and trainers. Having a lot of free time made us stop eating according to schedules. You ate out of boredom or forgot to eat completely. That, in the long run, drastically affects our eating habits.

Many people have expressed weight gain. Others have lost it, but not in a healthy way. Have you noticed that you rarely felt hungry as before or, on the contrary, you eat all the time?

Going out makes you anxious

I know that many of you were desperate to go out again, go to parties and concerts. But for many, going back outside was not an option. Being bombarded with alarmist news for months about the risks of leaving our homes left a mark.

Personally, I can't stand being in an enclosed space packed with people. It is as if I have developed claustrophobia. So you see someone who still uses their mask in open spaces, don't judge them. That may be me. If you feel that some or these signs apply to you, it's a good idea to see a professional. Avoid the news about the COVID and ask for help.

This may not be over, but we are on our way, let's all get there together and in one piece.

Stay safe.

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