• Emma Buryd

The Best Thing I've Done For My Entrepreneurship Is Making My Luck

It's normal to believe that great entrepreneurs were very lucky, in addition to all the hard work they did. And in a way it's true, some were at the right time in the right place.

However, that luck turned into a great startup thanks to them seizing the opportunity and keeping up the hard work. So it is not an excuse for you to sit around waiting for luck to do everything.

Call it Universe, Law of Attraction, Vibes, or Energies. You can believe in whatever you want, and it's okay if that helps, but you need to do things to make things happen.

These are 3 things you must do to make your own luck.

1. Move

No one had a stroke of luck while lying in bed at 2 pm. You can expect an opportunity felt from the sky, but the truth is, you have to keep moving.

What is it to be in motion?

Well, I mean it literally and figuratively. Moving is looking for opportunities, instead of waiting for you to spontaneously appear. Make connections with other entrepreneurs, create new projects, pitch your ideas.

Try different plans to achieve your goals, adopt new habits, don't get stuck.

2. Be prepared

Maybe you have your big opportunity in front of you and you did not recognize it for not having the knowledge.

Stay in constant learning, you will never have all the answers. Even the world's great CEOs keep learning new things all the time.

Read about different topics, listen to new points of view, and try to learn a lesson at each stage of your journey.

Luck is not in running into a great opportunity, it is knowing how to take advantage of it in the best way. Your great idea can be lost in oblivion if you don't know how to exploit it to the fullest and present it to the world.

3. Be exceptional

Luck is not just for those who work hard. There are thousands of people out there working 12 hours every day, but they keep doing the same thing.

Luck is made by those who are attracted to doing different and unique things. Don't be just a point in the middle of a crowd. You must seek to stand out and differentiate yourself if you want to do great things.

Ordinary actions do not create extraordinary opportunities.

You will not have a unique idea that will revolutionize the world, but you can be exceptional in your effort. Do 11 when everyone stops at 10, look for lessons where others see failure.

Luck comes only for those who are willing to go out and look for it.

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