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The 8 Definitive Ways To Earn At Least $ 1,500 A Month Writing Online

It's already 2021, if you don't know how to start making money writing online that's totally on you. Currently, there are many alternatives that you can try to have extra income per month. And the best part? They require a total investment of $ 0. You just need the desire to work hard and pursue your dreams ...

... and obviously a laptop.

Don't worry if you feel like you're not the kind of writer who can create engaging characters, fantasy worlds, and plots. You don't have to be that kind of writer. You don't have to be any kind of writer, in fact, you just have to be one. Then you will find your place on the internet since there are different types of jobs that adapt to your qualities.

There is always the option that you take courses, gain skills and educate yourself to be better, that never hurts, but it is not strictly necessary.

These are the 8 definitive ways you can earn money writing online.

1. Start with something that is yours

I would say that something that every online writer should do without a doubt is creating their personal profile or blog where they have 100% control over the content. At first, it is very difficult to gain readers on your own, but when you do, having your own site will be your best tool to monetize with your writing.

Also, the easiest and fastest way to decide what to write about is simply to choose topics that you like. Video games, photography, gastronomy, travel, whatever you are passionate about. Along the way, you will have to accept work on topics that you may not love, but it will be an opportunity for you to master new horizons and discover different topics.

You can create your own website with WordPress or Wix and add advertising with Google Adsense or Amazon Ads. You can try your own blog on Medium or Vocal, in this case, the monetization is more direct, they pay you for views in your stories.

2. Create content about something that you are passionate about

Having your own space where you can publish whatever you want is not only therapeutic, it is a good way to offer quality writing.

When you write from the heart, your material takes on a deeper and more significant value, readers know how to identify this. In addition, you will always find other people who love the same things as you and want to read what an amateur like them has to say.

When you have enough visibility, you can start creating affiliate posts, talk about products and services, and hopefully someone will want to pay you to review them.

3. Write a book... or an Ebook

This may sound like a very complicated task at first, but thanks to the internet this is easier than ever. For example, I created and published a Workbook with exercises to deal with anxiety. You can find it down below this post.

Are you passionate about skincare? Make a book about your experience, products, and routines that have worked for you. Do you love the whole thing about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the stock market? I'm sure other fans of the subject would love to read a book on the future of Bitcoin.

Bubok, Amazon, and Lulu are excellent platforms to sell and promote your Ebook, you can also use your social networks to give it visibility.

4. If you know more than one language, take advantage of that

You will be surprised how many people do not trust online translators, sometimes they can be inaccurate and sloppy. Plus, nothing beats real human interaction.

If you speak at least two languages ​​you can offer your services as a translator, the key point is the attention you will provide to the client.

This may sound obvious but you ACTUALLY have to know the language. "I took French at school" is not enough, you must know enough to master both languages, otherwise you would only be a slower and more expensive Google Translate.

And no, Mexicanese is not a language.

5. Create a network of writers

This may not be the fastest way but I think it is the most fun. It's like making friends. Medium is great for this, you just have to get in touch with other bloggers like you, collaborate with them, comment, clap and participate in the conversation.

Find other blogs and write something that may be valuable to them, you are only an email away. Your work can fall on a platform with more readers and your name will have more visibility and recognition, then those readers will go to your blog. Also, when you meet other writers you can share POVs, strategies, opinions and just chat. The path of the writer should not be so lonely.

6. Write for others

This is how I started making money online, writing for others. If fame and recognition are very important to you, this may be the long way for you. For me, it paid the bills so I was fine with that.

Write for real estate agencies, law firms, video game, and gadget reviewers, even for an adult content page (I won't give details of that gig).

The result? I wrote for so many different people and topics that there was not a gig that I could reject out of inexperience, I did it all! I became sharper as a writer and that gave me the skills to start writing what I wanted and to do well from the beginning.

Being a ghostwriter means you won't get credit for what you wrote, but a paycheck can be a great incentive. Fiverr and Freelancer are great places to start looking for opportunities.

7. Attract readers with eye-catching content

It would blow your mind to know how many people need a good copywriter. And if you don't know what it is, it's someone who knows how to write content that grabs viewers' attention and actually maintains it. Then you can achieve clicks, leads, and purchases with your content.

A copywriter for a portal or page with a large influx of readers can charge insane amounts of money. So the next time you're bothered by a clickbait headline, keep in mind that the copywriter who made it may be sleeping on a pile of bills.

Don't hate the player, become the game.

8. Make content for social networks

Digital marketers know how to better connect with the community, traffic hours, read charts and analyze statistics, but without content, there is nothing they can do.

Any reputable brand has a powerful social media game, and for them, they need people who create interactive, interesting, and valuable content. That could be you.

Instagram stories, Facebook posts, funny tweets, anything. The World needs all that equally and you can be the one to provide it and also the one to cash the check for doing so.


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