• Emma Buryd

Succeed In Everything With This Simple Mathematical Principle

I used to say that I hate anything to do with sales and would never work on something similar. Sure, when I said it I was thinking of jobs as a phone salesman. Today I am a freelance writer, so I was right?

Well, it wasn't until a while ago that I understood that we are all salespeople, no matter what we do. Maybe your job doesn't directly involve convincing someone to buy a product or service. But you are constantly selling something.

If you are an entrepreneur with a startup, you sell an idea. If you are a blogger, you sell your blog. If you are a birthday party clown, you sell happiness.

So if we are all salespeople, some sales tips would be helpful.

That is how I came across the concept of the Law of Averages.

What is the Law of Averages

Look, I'm not a mathematican, I chose the letters and not the numbers for a reason.

So I will explain this in the simplest way possible because it is the only way that I understood it.

If you do something with an average, an average will appear. The more times you repeat something, the more times the average will appear.

Sounds simple enough doesn't it?

This belief is used in sales to encourage salesmen. If out of every 10 people you call, only 2 turn into sales, the more people you call, the more sales there will be.

If you call 20 people you get 4 sales.

If you call 30 you get 6.

If you call 100 you get 20.

I'm no Stephen Hawking, but I think it's easy to understand.

The Law of Averages in your life

Now, although we are all salespeople in some sense, that example is indeed for salespeople. How can that help me in my life?

Well, in essence, we can apply the Law of Averages to everything.

The more times we try something, the more times the average will appear. Let's say you are job seeking. The more you send your resume or go to interviews, the more options you will have.

You can think of the same way to find a partner. The more dates you go, the more likely you are to find someone for you.

Now, I know that many mathematians out there will be able to argue against the Law of Averages, and I don't blame them. I blame them for being mathmacians but not for contradicting me.

Surely there is some statistical exception or misinterpretation, but don't see it as a formula for success.

See it as a way to focus on your goals. The more willing you are to keep trying without giving up, the more likely you are to succeed.

If you're willing to fail 99 times for the 100th time to be successful, then you won't give up when you start.

Take my example, the more times I keep writing the word mathematiciast, the more likely I will ever get it right.

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