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Some Marketing Things Every Medium Blogger Should Know

When you write for your blog on the internet, we must be our own editors, publishers, publicists, and agents. That means that it's not enough to write well, but we must know a handful of different things for our blog to grow.

Like it or not, we Medium bloggers must be marketers, at least on a scale. It's not necessary to take courses, attend webinars, and get certified (although it'd be very useful), but we must know some key aspects.

It's not enough to create content and hit the publish button. We must be strategic with how we structure and disseminate our stories.

Fear not, they are just 3 key points that you should know.

1. SEO is non-negotiable

I like to see us writers as artists. Like all artists, we like to express ourselves freely without ties or molds. However, as a painter or musician, art must play by the rules to be monetizable.

Medium is full of great and inspiring writing. But if it weren't for algorithms, this couldn't exist.

Every content online creator should know what SEO is and get used to it. Without that, our content is going nowhere, it just floats inert in Internet space.

As writers, we must know well what keywords to use, how to take advantage of links, and position our blog as best as possible. Because even though we think we only exist on Medium, our stories can be found through Google.

Read a few articles on SEO. There is a lot of free content about it on the Internet. Learn to make your content and SEO coexist harmoniously since they need each other.

2. Your content must be valuable

I know that clickbait content and headlines seem to be a problem that won't go away. We all complain about the "This is how I became a millionaire in half an hour" articles, but they always seem to do well.

In terms of marketing, clickbait content is not profitable.

People fall once, but they don't stay. SEO experts recommend creating content that readers will value.

Ask yourself what someone will take with them after reading your story. If you speak about a question, offer an answer. If you talk about a problem, find a solution. Or, simply work on making anyone feel better after reading your work.

3. Build a specific brand

I know it seems weird to call your Medium blog a brand, but it's a very effective way of looking at it.

Your profile, your Publication, your stories, everything makes up a personal brand. So you should start seeing your presence on Medium that way.

Now how do you have a specific brand? Well, when you get readers to know exactly what they will find on your profile. Some marketing experts will tell you that you should focus on a niche, although it has been shown hundreds of times that on Medium that is not so necessary.

However, you do have to work on how users perceive your blog. Be very clear and detailed in the description box, develop your unique style and connect with readers through your content.

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