• Mauro Herrera

Self-sabotaging Phrases You Need Stop Saying ASAP

We underestimate the power of words in our minds. Many patients who go to therapy find that they feed negative thoughts and emotions themselves without knowing it. It's so normalized in our behavior that it is easy to overlook it.

The way we describe ourselves, the words we use, all of this distorts our perception of ourselves. It is important to learn to identify these behaviors and correct them.

Learning to direct our behavior and thoughts for the sake of our emotional stability is called cognitive restructuring.

While it is a meticulous and technical process conducted by a professional, there are a few things you can start doing right now. They may seem silly, but they will have a huge impact on your psyche and mental health.

Start by stopping saying the following phrases, which only make you sabotage yourself. You put yourself down, you don't recognize your progress, and you punish yourself excessively.

These are 12 phrases that you should stop saying right now:

If when you make a mistake you say:

"What a fool I am"

"I am very stupid"

"What an idiot I just did"

Better say:

"I'll do better next time"

"I will learn from this mistake"

"I can do better"

If when something didn't go the way you wanted, you say:

"I'm not good at it"

"I am a joke"

"I never do anything right"

Instead, say:

"I must not be good on the first try"

"The process takes time"

"I'm learning to do it right"

If when you identify a pattern of unfavorable behavior in yourself, you say:

"It's just the way I am"

"I am flawed"

"There is no doubt why everything goes wrong for me"

Change it to:

"Luckily I already identified this"

"This does not define who I am"

"The first step to improve is this"

If before the rejection you say:

"No one is going to love me"

"People get tired of me"

"I am a burden to others"

You should definitely say:

"It wasn't meant to be"

"There will be something better for me"

"I am working on myself"

Do any of those phrases sound familiar to you? Have you found yourself saying them?

Words have immense power in the mind, so speak beautifully, you deserve it.

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