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Publications New Writers Should Submit To

Publications can be a bit confusing for new writers. Although they take a little time to understand, they are one of the most important tools for all of us on Medium.

There are large ones, small ones, with niches, without niches. Each has its own style and essence, and that is why they are so important to the community.

If you are a new writer or have not yet fully understood the whole issue of Publications, this guide is for you.

Which Publications are better to start?

As I mentioned before, there are many kinds of Publications on the platform. The first thing you should know is that you must be accepted in them. The process to be added as a writer is different in each one. Sometimes you just have to leave a comment on a story, or send an email, or fill out a form.

If you are new, before you start scouting possible Publications, the first thing you should do is create your own.

When you post a new story, there is no way for your followers to find out. Unless of course, they subscribe to your mailing list, but when you're starting, you don't have many subscribed followers.

Having your own Publication is a great way to start building a community of readers. These will follow your stories and can get a better idea of ​​the content you create.

By the way, mine is Cross.roads. Take a look!

Submit to large and open Publications

Now, you want your stories to reach a wider audience. For this, some Publications are extremely useful.

They have a large following, cover a wide range of topics and styles, and it is relatively easy to get added as a writer.

My favorites of this style are:

  • Illumination

  • Writers' Blokke

  • Age of Awareness

Each one has its own essence and guidelines. Make sure you read them carefully before applying as a writer and submitting your first drafts.

Large and niche publications

When you already have a good arsenal of published stories and you understand how the Publications game works, you can aim at a bigger target.

The Publications I mentioned above are wonderful, but they are a place for all types of writers to gather. That's great at first, but you'll want to build your style and niche.

Look for Publications that cover the topics you want to write about.

If you like marketing, what better option than to be published on Better Marketing.

Or on the other hand, Better Programming if coding is your thing.

You just have to look for the correct tags and you will find the best Publications for each niche.

Don't just target the big posts with tens of thousands of followers. Explore the smallest ones, sometimes those are the ones that will give you the best interaction with readers.

What is your favorite publication? Let me know in the comments!

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