• Emma Buryd

Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

A large part of the scientific community, especially psychologists, believes that it is important to study dreams.

Although there are still many mixed opinions on the matter, some psychotherapists have taken it upon themselves to study dreams and their possible meanings. They suggest that these are a universal language and that several elements or situations are repeated a lot.

No matter the age, the country, or the context of the patient, people all over the world have had and still have these same dreams. What do they mean?

These are some of the most common dreams and their scientific explanation.

1. Being lost

Have you dreamed that you are lost in a forest or a labyrinth?

Usually, this type of dream where the person does not find a way out is related to uncertainty. You may have doubts about the path your life is taking.

This can be in your job, school, or relationship.

2. Missing a train or flight

If you dream that you are late to take a train, bus, plane, or you were late for an important event, read on.

This situation where you miss an opportunity may mean that you feel like you missed something.

It can also be related to dreams where you are late for a work meeting, birthday, etc.

3. Being chased

This is one of the most common dreams. If you dream that something or someone is chasing you, it may be that you are under a lot of stress or anxiety.

There is an unfinished business that you have been avoiding and feel like you will have to deal with it soon. Maybe there is a difficult decision that you have to make soon.

4. Teeth loss

Have you dreamed that your teeth fall out just like that? My mom used to say that's a bad omen. But there is nothing scientific about that explanation.

Experts say that this dream represents the insecurity you feel about yourself.

It can be in your appearance, your performance, or how others perceive you.

5. Falling

The classic dream that makes us wake up suddenly.

This dream can indicate that you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life and that you will soon fall into it.

You feel like you have to make changes before it's too late and there's no turning back.

Have you dreamed of any of these cases? What is the most common for you? Let me know in the comments.

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