• Emma Buryd

Money Will Make You Happy But You Must Learn This First

I will start by saying that I am tired of millionaires telling us that money is not important. That's easy to say when you already have it.

I don't buy the whole "money doesn't buy happiness" thing, not at all.

I understand that money is not equal to emotional stability, but I prefer Jordan Belfort's quote about it:

"I have been rich and I have been poor. While I was rich, I felt happy and miserable, but I was never happy being poor."

-The actual Wolf of Wall Street.

So let's meet in the middle:

Money doesn't guarantee happiness, but stop telling us that it's not important. Especially if you already have it.

However, I think it's important to know one thing. We are young, we are working and hustling to achieve financial freedom. If we don't learn something first, we will be miserable even if we do, and the rich would have been right.

The Princeton Study on Money and Happiness

In 2010, Princeton University published research that studied the impact of income and emotional stability.

It's long, full of technical terms, but the bottom line is clear.

The study concluded that you only need $ 75,000 a year to be happy. Beyond that number, you will not notice the difference in your life.

Obviously, this varies between different countries and particular situations.

The study found that people who increased their income beyond 75K did not feel better.

So... won't I be happy even when I have money?

Not necessarily. You just have to make some changes in your head, and not just look for changes in your bank account.

When you're in school you expect to go to a good university. When you are in college, you expect to have a good job. When you have a good job, you expect you earn good money. When you make good money, you expect to make more money.

Do you realize what happens?

We are always expecting the next thing. So we never appreciate what we have now.

I'm not saying that you settle for your current situation and learn to live with a few things, to hell with that. But you must have the right mindset to appreciate and enjoy your progress.

Financial freedom doesn't have to look like a Bugatti and 7 figures. It can be achievable with less, but you will not know how to enjoy it if you only think about the destination.

Let's take a closer look at the Princeton study. If your side hustle or startup leads you to earn 75K a year, you will hardly stop there.

But we will not be considerably happier by earning more. So if you can't appreciate 75K, you won't appreciate 100K.


Let's keep working and striving towards financial freedom, but let's keep our minds in the right place.

I want you to be wealthy, but I want you to appreciate it when you do.

Let's show millionaires that we can have money and be happy.

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