• Mauro Herrera

Mistakes Every New Blogger Always Makes

If you are an amateur writer or thinking of starting your own blog, there are several mistakes you can skip to save time.

The best way to learn and improve is to just get started. You will never be completely ready if you haven't started publishing your first pieces. However, there are certain very common mistakes that we have all made. Keep these tips in mind and get off to a good start and your blog attracts a lot of readers.

1. Not having a clear concept

When creating a new blog, you should keep the 5-second rule in mind. No, it's not the one that lets you eat the cookie you dropped.

When a person enters your blog for the first time, they should know what it is about in 5 seconds or less. Otherwise, they hardly stay or come back.

Make sure you have a good tagline that makes it very clear what kind of content is on your blog.

2. Have many categories offline

Many people will recommend that you choose a niche and stick with it. This can be a very good idea, and it is probably what you need.

However, I believe that you can have multiple niches and still be successful. But you must be careful, it is not about having dozens of different categories without any connection.

Choose topics that you may have something in common.

3. Tons of different fonts and colors

The first impression of your blog is determined by its image more than the content.

I know that it is sometimes frustrating to design a clean, flashy blog. Try not to be all over the place, follow a conceptual idea.

Don't use thousands of colors and fonts just because you don't know which one to choose. The image is important, although it is somewhat subjective, the order is important.

4. Not having a mailing list

This is essential for every writer and everyone should have one.

Having a mailing list will allow you to have direct contact with your real readers. They will be able to access your content more directly and you will have a database of your successful community.

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