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Smoke Your Way To Sleep!

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you part of the third of the world's population that suffers from insomnia and sleep disorders? Have you tried everything? Sleeping pills, weighted blankets, light therapy, sleeping monitors? Nothing seems to work? Have you tried smoking? Yes, yes, you read that right, I'm talking about smoking to sleep.

People have been looking for alternatives to get a good quality sleep for decades and the options on the market are countless. Although many tend to avoid strong drugs, and although there is a stigma with them, one of the most popular options is melatonin pills.

You are probably wondering what melatonin is, and although it sounds like a new Ariana Grande song, it is a hormone and is the main responsible for which we can sleep. You see, sleeping is a biological process, it is not just about closing your eyes and the brain goes nighty night, there is a whole chemical orchestra that works to make this possible. Therefore, if chemical balance is well, imbalanced, you'll have problems sleeping, and we humans are good as hell at having chemical imbalances.

Not A Pop Hit, But A Sleeping Hormone

Melatonin is secreted by a gland in the brain, and this happens when we go to sleep, or when the brain assumes that we are going to sleep. This hormone regulates our entire circadian cycle, which is when the REM and NREM phases of sleep occur.

Now how does the brain know that we are going to sleep? Well, if we have a regular sleep schedule, our sleep cycle adapts to the time we usually go to sleep, on the other hand, exposure to light also affects the production of melatonin. When the sun goes down, the brain detects the absence of light and says “Pajamas on!” and starts melatonin you the hell up. So, if you have an irregular sleep schedule because you have no control in your life, (like myself writing this at 3 am) and your brain has a hard time producing melatonin, due to stress or other reasons, you're going to have trouble sleeping. By taking melatonin pills before bed, we can regulate our dream cycles and better adapt it to our rhythm of life.

However, not everything could be so easy, right? If sleeping problems were solved by taking a pill, it wouldn't be a problem for a third of the world. For many people, this method is simply not enough to fall asleep, because it takes time for melatonin to be absorbed by the body during digestion, and it varies a lot from person to person.

Smoke Like Snoop Dogg, Sleep Like Aurora

Because of this, people began looking for ways for melatonin to work faster in the body, and they came up with the solution: electronic cigarettes or vapes.

When you vape melatonin supplements, it is absorbed by the lungs and reaches the bloodstream in seconds, a process much faster than when you take a pill and your body must metabolize it first.

Vape companies claim that this new way of taking these supplements is much more efficient and that only small doses are needed to enjoy a good restful sleep.

Vaping for the consumption of different supplements has been used for a while now. Its use became popular for nicotine and treating people with cigarette addiction, but it has also been implemented for caffeine, vitamins and for THC in countries where it is legal (and where it's not so legal... but that's another matter).

Melatonin was included in the vaping club in 2016 when companies began promoting it as the solution to sleeping problems. These come in various fragrances and it is specified that 5 mg of melatonin is what is necessary to build a good sleep cycle.

Smoke To Sleep, Really?

I know this sounds like a 1950s prescription, but vaping has proven to be less harmful than cigarette smoking, 'less' being the operative word.

Vaping to consume drugs is still not very popular in the medical community, as although studies are not yet conclusive, there have been dozens of deaths caused by vaporizers in the US alone, in addition to various diseases. However, these cases have always been related to the use of black market essences outside of legal regulations, which contain elements that have negative effects on the lungs.

On the other hand, many sleep doctors are not entirely convinced by the efficacy of vaping for melatonin consumption. They claim that the use of this hormone is much more complicated than other supplements such as nicotine, and that calculating its dose is not as easy as the companies that sell these products suggest. So they recommend being careful about taking melatonin by inhalation.

So, like everything else, if you decide to use this method, do it with causation and always keep in mind that no product is going to miraculously solve your sleep disorder, try to use a little effort and attention to find the cause of why you have trouble sleeping at nights.

Check it out here, you can also try the nasal spray if you're a little worried about vaping.

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