• Emma Buryd

Medium Won't Make You Rich, But It'll Give You Something More Valuable

Today I woke up wanting to talk about Medium. I know, I know… as if you needed more meta stories. But I’m not talking about how to gain followers, make $ 1,000 a month, or get curated.

The last few weeks have been the best since I’ve started writing here, and I’m not talking about stats or views. I’m talking about the fun I’ve had, the stories I’ve done, and the writers I’ve met.

I’ve never felt so full, so free and so satisfied on Medium. If you have read my latest articles you will notice it. I have allowed myself to write about scars from the past, goals achieved, and random ideas that haunted my head.

I always see that we talk about Medium as a place to make money. Obviously, we’re not all philanthropists, we are interested in the paycheck at the end of the month. But I would like to take a moment to talk about Medium as a community, as a space.

I was wondering why these days have been so positive. It has not been my best month in earnings, I have not had a viral story or was invited to the paid Medium program.

What has changed?

The more I thought about it, the more I found the pattern. People. These last few days I have been able to connect with many people here. Some have come to comment on a story that was difficult to tell, and others I have met along the way.

I came to Medium for monetization, but I stayed for the people.

This blogging platform became my safe space, where I come to escape all the tumult of the outside world. Here I come to share my thoughts and read stories from other writers.

Even though I haven’t been out of my city in months, I feel more connected than ever to dozens of people. I have been able to show myself vulnerable and discovered that in the world there are kind and warm-hearted people, willing to listen to you even if they don’t know you.

This, for me, is not just another social network. Instagram and Twitter don’t give me the same comfort, quite the opposite. Medium for me is a community, like a big bonfire in the forest where we all come to listen and share. This is thanks to the people who make up this community, from all countries and topics.

Thank you for making this my relief and my refuge. Without you, everything would just be a bunch of zeros and ones.

I wish all of you the same warmth that I have received these days. Even if you’re here only for money, I hope you meet your goals and find a pleasant experience here.

Leave a kind comment on the stories of others, show your support. Be open to leaving a piece of yourself in your articles and welcome new ideas and perspectives.

Writing should always be fun.

Thanks, and happy writing!

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