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Medium Lists Solved My Biggest Dilemma

When I started on Medium I was a young writer full of energy, ambitions, and dreams. I remember those days as if they were only 10 months ago.

Wait… they WERE 10 months ago.

If you’ve been following us for a while and have read our bio, you know that Mindsmatter is a blog about psychology and mental health, that’s why we have such a cool name. I, personally, feel a great passion for this topic, not only because I love writing about it but because I feel that it has a positive impact on whoever reads it.

However, throughout these long months of writing on Medium, I have met many great writers, discovered wonderful Pubs, and learned a ton of many topics. Thus, it has become increasingly difficult for me to stay in one niche.

Cryptos, A.I., space flights, religion, movies… I’ve wanted to write about many things, so I have tried to find a link between these topics and mental health. The problem has been that I haven’t found how to maintain a coherent editorial line for the blog. How to keep someone from wondering “Why is this mental health blog writing about Freelancing and Personal Finance?”

This is why the Lists feature has made my life easier and now I don’t lose my head every time I want to write about something new.

I present my first two lists

Mental health is still my north, but I think it’s time to travel new grounds and try my luck there. My first two lists will help me keep order and help readers find the stories they want to read more easily.

First: the mind. Mind Maintenance is where Mindsmatter’s OG content is. Mind-hacks, meditation, better sleep, self-improvement, books, etc. If you want to know why Tik Tok is giving you depression or how to nail a job interview, this is your place.

Second: the pocket. Wi-Fi Money is all about freelancing, having extra income per month, marketing, and everything that makes you earn a few bucks online. I know the “This is how I became a millionaire in a week” stories are weighing us down a bit, but we all envy those views. In this list, you will find realistic and effective ways to make money online without losing your sanity along the way. Because sometimes wealthy is healthy.

Why make lists?

First, the lists help my OCD not hit so hard when I write about a variety of topics. They help me maintain order on the blog (and in my mind).

Plus, lists are a great way to keep content relevant to your readers within reach. Sometimes our best pieces can be lost in oblivion over time. A list will keep your hits alive and new followers will know you for your best work.

Give your less successful stories a second chance. We’ve all felt that an article we put a lot of effort into flopped. Maybe Medium’s algorithm didn’t treat it well or the timing wasn’t right. However, we trust that it is good content and a list will give it the second chance it deserves.

Keep your work fresh. When we write for so long, evolution is inevitable. When we see some of our first stories we ask ourselves “Oh God, did I really write that?” Or we are not so proud of a piece that we only did because the topic was trendy and we didn’t want to miss that train. The lists keep your true and purest writing at the top.

Also, don’t forget my publication. Lists are not an excuse to forget about your posts. You can see them as mini-posts on your profile.

The main Pub is cross.roads, you can see it here, and feel free to join!

I strongly recommend using lists and reaching their full potential, they are easy to create and manage. You can also make lists with stories from other writers, give them a shoutout!

Of course, all my lists will be constantly updated, so check them back from time to time so you don’t miss out on anything.

Did you create your first list? Tell me how that went. You can drop yours in the comments, I look forward to reading them all!


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