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Matcha For The Mind

Updated: Mar 10

Matcha is a powdered green tea, famous throughout the world for its many health benefits. In addition to drinking it as an infusion, nowadays it is also used as an ingredient in pastries and cocktails.

Protects the body from ageing, provides energy and reduces stress. These are just three of the many benefits that are attributed to matcha tea.

Read on and you will learn how drinking a cup of matcha tea a day can help your digestive system and also your mental health.

What is Matcha

You have surely heard of the benefits of matcha tea, but what is it? Matcha is a green tea of ​​Chinese origin, although many people know it for its relationship with Japanese culture.

During the Song Dynasty, Matcha tea started to be used in China (960-1279). In that period, there was a great wave of Japanese immigrants who travelled to China to learn a new form of Buddhism: Chan Buddhism that we know today as Zen Buddhism. This form of Buddhism makes use of meditation in its ritual and religious practices.

Eisai, a Japanese Buddhist Monk, spent the better part of his life studying Buddhism in China. In 1191, Eisai returned permanently to Japan, bringing with him tea seeds along with the Zen Buddhist methods of preparing powdered green tea. The seeds that Eisai brought back with him from China were largely considered to create the highest quality tea leaves in all of Japan.

Health Properties Of Matcha Tea

Tea leaves have chemical compounds that can influence our body and mind in terms of their properties. Like all green teas, matcha is a potent (potent being the operative word) antioxidant that has major health benefits.

The benefits of matcha tea are much more effective than those of other types of tea since its leaves are presented in powder form, to drink it it is necessary to mix it with water and in this way, we ingest all of its yummy goodness, while when we drink tea normally(which I do both religiously as well as copiously), we only get the infusion of tea compounds that pass through the holy guard we call the mighty teabag.

So What Are The Benefits Of This Magical Green Elixir

In recent years, numerous laboratory studies, tests in hospitals and universities have proven the benefits of matcha tea:

  • Strengthens the immune system and helps reduce stress

  • Stimulates the mind and relaxes the body

  • Reduces anxiety and stress by reducing chemical imbalances in the brain

  • Helps prevent cancer, infections and cavities

  • Keep arteries healthy and control hypertension

  • Lower blood sugar levels

  • Controls diabetes and prevent liver fibrosis

  • Helps prevent signs of Alzheimer's

  • Due to its high content of antioxidants, it helps to eliminate free radicals

  • Improves the appearance of the skin and nails

  • Burns fat and lose weight

  • Satiate hunger and thirst

How To Prepare Matcha Tea

There are two forms of matcha tea preparation: the traditional style and the modern style.

The traditional way of preparing matcha is that which takes place in the Japanese tea ceremony, in which we place the matcha in a large bowl called a chawan (we recommend this chawan, handcrafted in Japan by the master craftsman Kyutani-yaki) to which we add hot water and emulsify it with a bamboo whisk called a chasen until the mixture acquires a homogeneous consistency and a layer of foam forms on its surface *Aaahh foam, yummy air* This is our favorite, a chasen, a perfect mix (see what I did there) of the old the new, a traditional bamboo whisk with an electric attachment, to give that perfect foam that would take too long by hand.

The newer style of using matcha is to simply mix it briskly with water or add it to the blender when making a healthy smoothie or vigorously mix it with water or juices in a pot.


While the health benefits of matcha tea are numerous, this powdered tea contains more caffeine than green teas - a serving of matcha (1 gram) is estimated to be roughly the same as a shot of espresso. That is why, as with all caffeinated drinks, the key is always to moderate your consumption.

Matcha tea has many benefits, but if the reason you decide to try it is purely for your mental health, keep in mind that it is not a miracle product, but rather a tool to help you along your journey to better mental health.

Remember that the best way to deal with any behaviour disorder is with the help and support of your loved ones and ultimately a mental health professional.

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