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Learn How To Blog Better In 5 Minutes

I have read several articles on Medium about how to write a book, develop characters, plots, get published, etc. I have even written a few myself.

I find it curious to see so many tips of this type on the Internet, while I don't see many tips on how to write content ON the Internet. It may not be rocket science, but writing for your blog also requires techniques and styles.

It may not be as complex as deconstructing the narrative plot of a character throughout 12 chapters, but it's not an easy thing either.

These are some tips that will help you write better content for your blog, whether you are looking to gain followers, subscribers, or simply readers.

1. Good content requires good writing

I know we're taking our Literary Writers hats off for a second, but let's not forget how to write.

Content on the internet offers us a more casual environment. It's not necessary to write in such a technical and professional way unless your niche and content require it. Most of the time a more conversational and natural writing hits the spot.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be careful with your grammar and spelling. It's a blog, not a bathroom stall door.

You can use free apps like Grammarly to perfect your writing. Especially if you are not a native English speaker.

2. Be concise and precise

If you're a blogger on the Internet, you have one goal: to entertain the reader. How do you do that? I'm glad you asked.

It doesn't matter if you write about someone's favorite topic, long wordy paragraphs and sentences kill interest. Usually, an article on the Internet does not exceed 800 or 1000 words, so you must be brief.

Use something called economy of words. Explain the topic you are talking about using as few words as possible.

How can you do this? You are asking a lot of good questions lately!

After writing, it's time to edit. Delete as many words as you can without affecting the information in the article.

In this way, you make the message arrives quickly and the reader doesn't get bored.

3. Give something to the reader that they didn't have before reading your story

If you ask yourself: "what does someone gain by reading this?" it can completely change your writing.

You have to offer something with your work, be it advice, useful training or just a moment of entertainment. If you can't offer anything, the reader won't come back.

Getting someone's attention isn't easy, so when you have it, don't waste it. Create valuable and unique content, that way people will come back for more.

4. Your content should provoke dialogue

The big difference between writing a blog and writing books is that the reader can leave their feedback instantly.

Comments, likes, retweets, claps, all of those are important. A good article opens the door to conversations, opinions, and discussions. That is the desired and sought engagement that everyone wants.

Allow people to disagree with you, be open to their views, and set the table for conversation. Even if people just want to say "100% agree with you" in the comments, you're achieving engagement.

Always invite readers to participate, tell you about their experiences, and complement your piece. It's not about creating controversy and drama just by doing it. It's about doing something that people talk about.

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