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Is Writing Daily The Only Way To Make It On Medium?

There is a great debate about how often a writer should post on Medium. On the one hand, we have a Team Quality, who affirm that it is better to publish high-level pieces even if it's not as often. Then there is the Team Quantity, which argues that the algorithm favors those who post very regularly.

Then there's us, Team Both, we don't know what the hell to do.

Both teams have very valid points of view. Also, many examples validate the arguments on both sides.

Some writers post once or twice a week and their stories always go viral. On the other hand, some writers post daily and although not all their stories have large numbers, they gain a lot of traction.

So who is right?

Both of them. Or no one, probably.

I only know how it turned out for me. So this is my experience since I started posting (almost) daily and how it went.

It all started with a 30-day challenge

I used to post 10-15 stories per month. It's still a good number if you ask me. However, my numbers weren't that good, even though I was only a few months old on Medium.

In April of this year, I discovered the 30-day challenges. You probably already know what they are. You should only post one story a day for a full month. Some have different rules, others give you a topic to write about each day. I decided to give it a try.

I started on the first of May.

If you want to know how it went back then, you can see the results here.

TL; DR version: It went amazingly well for me, compared to how I was doing before.

So I decided this is the way to go now. What started as a challenge became my strategy.

Write daily: is it worth it?

I can't tell what is the secret formula to crack Medium's algorithm. I'm not even sure I understand 10% of it.

What I can say is that I don't see myself going back. I have been writing and publishing daily for six months now and the difference in the results is remarkable.

As you can see, before May it had never reached 2 figures. Since then, I have had better and worse months, but the growth is remarkable.

Going from 6 bucks in April to 60 in May was mind-blowing for me. It's a 1.000% growth.

Although I no longer do it as a challenge, it is still challenging. Finding 30 story ideas a month isn't always easy. However, I genuinely believe that writing so often has had an impact on the quality of what I write.

To conclude, I would recommend anyone who is thinking of posting daily to give it a try for a month. The results and your experience will give you the answers. You can see it as an interesting exercise.

How often do you write? I would like to read them in the comments.

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