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Instagram Is The Best Place To Make Money Online And You're Using It Wrong

Instagram has more than 1.200 million active users in the middle of 2021 and grows 22% every year, so if you wonder where people are online, they're here

Instagram stopped being the social network to post pictures of food with sepia filters many years ago, it has evolved to the point of becoming one of the largest online E-commerce sites. Not only that, brands have chosen to seek visibility through influencers, who have tens of millions of followers and interact with them every day.

Advertisements, online stores, influencers, all this results in a formula to make money fast and in large quantities, this obviously if you use Instagram well. If you only use it to post stories with cute animal filters, you are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of this social network.

Can you actually make money on Instagram?

Not only can you make money, you can make money BIG TIME, and the numbers show that this will increase even more in the years to come. I risk saying that this is the best place to make money online.

Instagram's biggest muscle is influencer marketing. It is estimated that 20% of brands in different countries have used this strategy at least once. And only this year, the number of brands that have joined this trend by 30%.

Clearly, this market has already been tested and proven to work.

On the other hand, Instagram is the social network to which brands spend a higher percentage of their budgets on digital ads. Be it stories, ads, or affiliate posts.

This is summarized in that the people and the money are there, and the big brands know it. The question is, now that you know it, do you know how to take advantage of it?

7 ways to monetize on Instagram

If you're reading this, you're probably not Apple or Nike, so influencer marketing might not be your best option.

However, there are different options to earn money on Instagram, whether you sell a product or offer a service as a freelancer.

These are all the ways to monetize your Instagram account:

1. Be an influencer yourself

If you have not considered being an influencer, you are surely thinking about the stereotype of the girl who posts 50 stories a day promoting the new Louis Vuitton bag. That's the past, there are many ways to be an influencer online, whether you are a travel blogger or a parent with a parenting blog.

As long as they have a community of followers that you interact with and hear what you have to say, there is an online market that you can benefit from. In fact, you don't even have to do it alone, you can use different platforms that will help you find collaborations and brands interested in your profile.

These are some of them:


You can register and join a campaign for a product and get profit from sales and the number of followers you have.


This works very similarly, although it works more for Spanish-speaking influencers. You can be part of campaigns and find brands to work with.


This is the perfect option for all those who have a blog like Medium or their own website. If you have a significant number of average readers, you can link to your Instagram account and monetize your content.

Amazon Influencer Program

Sell ​​Amazon products with an affiliate link. Create your own online store and earn a percentage of the total sales you achieve there.


If you have at least 5,000 followers you can already be part of Influenz. Sponsor content and get paid for every 1,000 followers you have.

2. Sell ​​products through an affiliate program

Nowadays, getting an affiliate link is very simple. It is about selling a product from an E-commerce platform and thus you earn a percentage for each sale you make.

The platforms where it is easiest to do this are Amazon and Gearbest.

Take care of finding products that fit your profile and the content you create, that way the promotion will look more organic.

This is believed to be one of the options that will grow the most within Instagram since they added purchases within the platform. Viewers won't even have to log out of your profile to make a purchase.

3. Sell ​​Lightroom Presets

Presets are filters and effects that are normally generated by Adobe Lightroom and that some accounts and platforms make available to third parties, through models that include gifts from some packs and charge for others.

Numerous influencers use this form of monetization. They arouse your admiration and interest with their photos and then they sell you their presets.

4. Sell ​​your own stock images

If your thing is photography, take advantage of your talent. Create images similar to what you would find on Unsplash or Shutterstock, people actually pay money for them.

These are used for mockups and to promote other products and services. If your photographs are good, you can make good money on them.

5. Sell ​​product photos

You can go even further and create pictures yourself to promote a product. You should only use a platform that is responsible for buying these images such as

6. Create your own online store

Having a large community of followers can allow you to create your own line of products and sell them in your own store.

Be the influencer of your own brand.

7. Sell ​​Instagram accounts

You'd be surprised how many brands buy accounts that already have a significant number of organic followers in order not to start from scratch. If you already have one or more accounts with several thousand followers that you grew over time, you can sell it on various platforms such as FameSwap.

Many people take it upon themselves to grow different accounts, interact with followers, and achieve high numbers to sell over time.

Sell for yourself or sell for others. On Instagram there are many ways to monetize, it may be the boost you need to boost your content and make a living out of it.


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