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Improve Any Group Meeting in 5 Minutes

That means having to face our coworkers, have hallway talks, and go back to wearing pants. What will you miss the most about the home office?

I'm not going to lie to you, there are certain things about office work that I missed. Leave my home and be surrounded by people. You don't know how much you need that environment until you don't have it anymore.

However, there are things that I didn't miss at all. The award for the worst things in face-to-face work is the meetings that could have been an email.

Wasted time, goals that are not met, and ideas that are not conceived. That is the only thing that meetings achieve. Surely you hate them too.

Luckily for us, there is something we can do to make these faster, more efficient, and more concise. In fact, there are two things we can do. And the best part? These tips are backed by scientific data.

How to make meetings faster

Researchers at the University of Missouri conducted an experiment. This consisted of separating several groups which had to solve an exercise developed by NASA. The objective: to determine the best way to develop meetings to make quick decisions.

For the exercise, the teams had to imagine that they are a crew that crashed on the moon. They were given a list of the pieces of equipment that survived the impact. They had to identify the most important pieces to survive. The data would then be verified by NASA.

Some groups performed the exercise sitting, and others did it standing up.

The result?

All teams gave very similar responses. However, standing meetings took 34% less time than seated meetings.

Bottom line: standing promotes faster and more concise decision-making. So if you want to make your next meeting shorter, suggest that it be done standing up.

Or just steal all chairs in the office.


How to make meetings friendlier

The Journal Consumer Research published a series of papers showing that the shape of the table where we sit affects the dynamics of the group.

Psychologically, we are more comfortable with rounded figures and smooth edges. On the contrary, the pointed and corner figures seem unfriendly to us.

Studies show that roundtable meetings make participants more comfortable. As a result, empathy and cooperation are promoted.

The meetings that take place at rectangular tables, make the team members feel more separated from each other.

So it would be a good idea to change the boardroom table to a round table.

Just send this post to your boss. I will do the rest.


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