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If You're Thinking Of Quitting Blogging Read This First

I dare say that all bloggers have thought of quitting at least once. I've done it at least twice... this week.

Every day thousands of new bloggers start a blog that will end up failing in a few weeks. Months at best.

If you are considering giving up blogging, it is normal and I understand it, but please read this article to the end first.

I've been blogging for at least 5 years, and I've been on Medium for just over a year. The sense of community of this platform is what has made me stay. That is why it saddens me very much to see fellow writers abandon their projects.

Please don't give up just yet.

These are the main reasons why we have been on the verge of resigning.

1. We no longer feel passion for what we write

Niches are a delicate subject and you have to know how to choose one.

I have talked about it before, and although I think it is not necessary to have a niche, it is a good tool.

The problem is when we choose the wrong topic. We may choose a niche just because we think it will make us take off in views, but we are not really interested in the topic.

Over time our interests change and some things no longer make us feel passionate. On the other hand, we are afraid of starting again.

Choose your niche carefully, and if you've already started a blog, don't be afraid to change the topic and start from scratch.

2. We are impatient with the results

This is possibly the oldest and most worn advice out there, but it is painfully true.

Results take time to come, and I'm not talking about days or weeks. You must be willing to write for a good handful of months without seeing green numbers.

I didn't see double digits in my views or claps until my sixth month on Medium. And today, a year into it, I still don't get crazy high stats.

Consistency and patience are not negotiable in this area. Wait a bit longer, your peak may be right around the corner.

3. We don't get enough likes and comments

Obsessing over numbers is always a recipe for disaster.

I only check my stats once a week, two maximum.

However, the numbers are necessary, you are just focusing on the wrong ones. I know it feels great to get a lot of claps and positive comments, but those are not the numbers that give you results.

Focus on the time readers actually spend reading your stories or new subscribers. My stories with the most claps are not close to the most read and highest-earning stories.

Learn to read the numbers to improve and not to seek approval from strangers.

4. We don't have a plan or the right motivation

When you start exercising you have a goal, right?

You want to lose weight, get fitter, get stronger, faster, or just be healthy.

So why did you start blogging?

If you don't have a clear answer, you have homework to do.

When you know why you started writing, you can make a plan and then micro-goals that you can achieve.

Whether your motivation is monetization or pure passion. If you are not clear about it, you will inevitably get bored along the way.

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