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If You Don't Like Twitter, It's Because You Don't Use These Bots

Do you know about Twitter bots? No, they are not one of those bots that work to have more fake followers or make altered trending topics.

Bots are automated accounts that are not controlled by one person. That is, it is not someone behind the keyboard typing those words. Twitter categorizes them so you know they are automated accounts and these can be very useful.

You can download videos, make reminders, even look up words from dictionaries. And if none of that appeals to you, you can just use them to make Twitter a more fun place. Not everything has to be cancel culture and toxicity.

These are the best Twitter Bots out there right now.


This is the most necessary bot on Twitter. I know you've wanted to download puppy videos and memes but you didn't know how to do it.

This account will solve that problem for you. All you have to do is mention @DownloaderBot in the Tweet with the video you want to download and that's it. This bot will respond to you in seconds with a link where you can save the video on your device.


You came across a Twitter thread in full progress and want to read it all when it's done? Or do you want to see how a controversial Tweet ages in a year?

This bot will remind you when you decide so you can go back to a specific tweet. Just mention @RemindMe_OfThis and tell it how long you want the reminder. The Tweet will look something like this: "@RemindMe_OfThis in 7 days."


Yes, the famous page of definitions of colloquial and juvenile terms has its own bot.

Sometimes the slang moves so fast that we can't keep up with it. If you want to know exactly what the expressions that people are using mean, you just have to mention @UrbanDictionary in a tweet with the word and it will give you the definition.


This does not have a practical function but it is one of the most interesting bots on Twitter.

It is simply an account that posts the progress bar for the current year. You can see the percentage so far this year and how much it has left. Use it to stay motivated with your New Years' resolutions or to get depressed, however you like.


As I mentioned, not all bots are fun and useful. In reality, most of them are used for political purposes. Luckily for us, there are good bots out there fighting bad bots.

@BotSentinel identifies troll bots, accounts, and trends that are being rigged by automated accounts.

You can see when an account is bloated with fake followers or a hashtag is being boosted by bad bots.


Some of the best stories, creepypastas, and storytimes come from Twitter threads. However, sometimes it is a bit annoying to have to read long stories divided into 280 character tweets. You just have to ask @ThreadReaderApp with the word 'unroll' and it will send you a document with all the content of the thread.

These are some of the most useful and entertaining bots on Twitter. Use them wisely and if you know of any other bot that makes your experience in this social network, share it in the comments!

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