• Bola Kwame

I Would Be So Happy If You Just Shut Up

Can everyone shut up? For a minute?


I believe that when we are young children, our parents worry too much about teaching us to be expressive and talkative. Adults are fascinated by eloquent children. I think they should be concerned with teaching their children to know how to shut the hell up.

Maybe that’s why, when we grow up, we feel like we ALWAYS have to have opinions on everything, all the time.

And worst of all, we have to express them.

I don’t want to create controversy here, but I think this is the extroverts’ fault.

Being shy and not very talkative is usually seen as something negative, something you need to change or work on. We’re constantly encouraged to “step out of our comfort zone” when we are simply very comfortable without being the center of attention.

This is what always happens. You’re at a party, and an extrovert comes up to you and asks what’s wrong with you. He offers you a drink, asks why you’re so quiet. He tries to bring you to his level of extroversion so that you feel “comfortable.”

Why don’t you shut up, Brad? For like five minutes. What if you shut up so I don’t have to leave my comfort zone but we all stay in our comfort zones?

I’m usually a lot of fun at parties, I promise.

I think that by having hundreds of communication media, we feel that we must express ourselves at all times. We should practice silence as an exercise.

Maybe that way you would avoid having a shitty and misinformed opinion about what is happening in Afghanistan. You don’t have to comment on the subject as soon as it happens, seriously, you can take a moment to educate yourself about it.

Or you can just shut up.

Unless you’re a UN ambassador, the world probably doesn’t need you to have an opinion on the Middle East.

And please feel free to tell me to shut up when you think it’s wise. I grew up in a family of extroverts and sometimes I too forget the importance of knowing when to shut up.

Have you ever felt that you want to yell at someone to just shut up? Don’t you think we should normalize shutting people up from time to time?

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