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I've Gained Almost 1,000 New Followers On Medium In A Month Just By Doing These 5 Things

I've been writing on Medium for almost a year now. At first, I started with 10 stories a month, then 17 and currently I write 30 articles every month.

I have changed my strategy dozens of times, I have had good months, others not so good, but the last few weeks have been the best.

I have written on different topics, I have tried different styles, genres. I have participated in challenges, in the WriteHere section of the Creator's Hub, I have promoted products, I have done book and movie reviews. You name it, I've got it covered.

I read hundreds of Medium meta articles on how to get bonuses, gain followers, get curated, etc. You can't say I haven't done my homework. I followed the pieces of advice, the tips and never said no to any idea, no matter how crazy it sounded.

I published my stories on my profile, I submitted them to large publications, to small ones, I created my own publication.

But what did I do that worked this time?

At the beginning of July, I had just over 1,000 followers, not bad, right? However, I started to follow my own strategy by compiling everything I learned in the previous months. Since then, every day when I woke up I had dozens of new followers every day.

Today, in mid-August, I am about to reach 2,000 followers. What took me to do in 10 months, I doubled in a month.

As you can see, I tried practically everything. Some things worked and some didn't. These are the 5 things you should definitely do if you want to grow on Medium.

1. Diversify everything

This was the point that took me the longest to learn and was actually the one I started to practice in my last month here.

What do I mean by diversifying?

First, in your content. Don't limit yourself to one niche, but keep it about things that you like (we'll talk more about this in a minute).

Second, diversify the way you post.

At first, you start by posting your own stories and promoting them yourself, then you try submitting to big publications.

That a publication has hundreds of thousands of followers doesn't guarantee hundreds of thousands of views. Sometimes it is the opposite. Submit to big, medium, and small publications, sometimes these are the ones that will give you the most interactions. From time to time post for yourself.

This was the determining factor that changed the game for me.

2. Be patient

Relax, this will not be a clichéd list full of vague and obvious advice. However, this many tend to ignore.

Medium isn't like planting a plant, it will not consistently grow at the same rate as you water it. The ups and downs are inevitable, don't expect the numbers to skyrocket overnight.

There will be months where you make $ 100, you'll feel motivated and hyped, then the next month you will only make $ 13.

What happened? I was destined for glory!

Don't worry, it's just how Medium works. Be patient and trust your process.

3. Write about what you like and know

Hundreds of times I was tempted to write articles on miracle diets and intermittent fasting, as they have insane amounts of views and claps. But I don't know anything about nutrition, nor is it something I enjoy reading or writing about.

My best articles are those in which I allowed myself to speak passionately about a topic that I enjoy. Mental health, psychology, freelancing, personal finance.

Don't force yourself to write about what others write, find comfort in your own style and interests.

4. First impressions matter

There is a fine line between a clickbait title and an engaging one.

Knowing how to differentiate it is a matter of practice. But trust me, you don't want to be recognized as a clickbait writer.

I know you're very talented and have important things to say to the world, but your headline, subtitle, and featured image deserve the same amount of work as the whole piece. It's the first thing about you that readers will see.

Make sure they are concise, engaging, and not misleading.

5. Not everything is passion, you must do research

It's nice to believe that Medium is a place where writers gather to share their work for the sake of art. But let's not forget that it is still a web page with algorithms, AI, ones, and zeros.

Technical aspects are important, even if they are tedious. Read a couple of good articles on SEO, tags, and featured images. Don't let your good story fall into oblivion because you don't understand the system.

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