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I Thought Essential Oils Were A Scam Until I Found This Out

Do you want to dive into the world of aromatherapy but don't know how to start? Maybe you need a gadget that will make your life easier.

I started using essential oils to sleep, relax, relieve stress, and just to feel better during the day. However, in the beginning, the effects were not instantaneous, I thought I had fallen into one more scam. The truth was that I was not using them correctly, I discovered that when I spoke with a friend who has been using them for a while and her response was quick: you need an essential oils diffuser.

Oh, baby where have you been my whole life?

This bad boy made my life so much easier and I was finally able to see all the benefits of essential oils at their best.

I wish someone had told me before, so I will be your hero and tell you from today, if you want to start using them, you need the diffuser, period.

Essential oils: effective but can be tricky

You can call me a dummy dum dum, but at first, it was difficult for me to understand how oils are actually used. The idea of ​​having to smell my hand every time I wanted to relax was a bit weird. I ALWAYS want to relax, that's the whole point! Should I be applying oils to my skin all day?

One of the main reasons I started using aromatherapy was to sleep better. I read tons of articles and studies that talk about the benefits of lavender to regulate sleep cycles. Nevertheless, another thing that I had read to sleep better was avoiding any source of stress before going to bed, and having to remember to apply the oil to my hand created a lot of stress for me.

What if I forget to use it? Did I use the correct amount? What if it spills on my bed?

I may sound crazy, but those questions clouded my mind every night and I think I was having EVEN more trouble sleeping.

So if you're an anxious overthinker like me, what you need is a machine to do things for you, an essential oil diffuser, and the nightmare is over.

How do essential oil diffusers work?

Remember the Glade diffusers that make your home smell good? Well, these work exactly the same only they don't scare the living shit out of you when activated.

These diffusers are small gadgets that you just have to fill with water and a few drops of the oil of your choice and voilá: this will create an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.

Some, like the one I have (I’ll leave you the link down below), can be programmed and will even become your new alarm clock. In this way, when you wake up, the air is already loaded with essential oil particles to start the day in a good mood. They do this in complete silence, so they won't wake you up at night.

Put it on your desk when you have to work, on your nightstand when you go to sleep, or in the living room while reading a book. The essential oil diffuser will help you take aromatherapy anywhere you go.

Is this the best way to use essential oils?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: hell yes!

A little longer and more explanatory answer: the way to apply aromatherapy is different for everyone. Some prefer candles, I, on the other hand, fear that my house will burn down because I forgot to blow them out. But in fact, there are several benefits of an essential oil diffuser.

It is the best way to improve sleep. As I already mentioned, the biggest change I noticed when I started using it was at bedtime. I no longer had to worry about knowing if I was using them well, the diffuser is responsible for doing everything. When I go to bed, the room is already filled with lavender or chamomile and ready for a good night's sleep.

Every time is essential oil time. You can take better advantage of the benefits of oils if they are always part of your day-to-day, especially now that we spend more time at home due to the pandemic. In this way, each room in your house or apartment will be acclimatized to promote calm and serenity.

Helps prevent respiratory diseases. Essential oils have decongestant properties, so you will see improvements in your breathing. No more stuffy noses.

It even repels bugs! This was a bonus that I honestly didn't see coming. Within days of using the oil diffuser, I noticed that there were no mosquitoes in the house and that makes perfect sense. The diffuser works as a repellent against mosquitoes and insects, which I did not think of when I bought it but I really appreciate it!

The benefits of essential oils are no secret anymore, their effects on mental health are remarkable and very helpful for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental illness.

This is the best and easiest way to use aromatherapy, so hopefully, it works for you and you pass the favor to someone else who needs it.

The link to the diffuser that I use:


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