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I'm Perfectly Fine In My Comfort Zone, Thank You

If you have more than a month of Medium, you are probably already tired of cheap self-help clichés. Sometimes I wonder why there are so many articles on that topic, especially if we are all so sick of it … then I see how many claps they have and it all makes sense.

So that's why I decided to talk about tips to love yourself and achieve all your goals.

Just kidding.

Or maybe not… I wasn't invited to Medium's paid writers club in August. And as a saying says where I come from "por la plata baila el mono" which means "for the money the monkey dances." And I really want to dance.

All jokes aside, while I'm not a fan of vague and ambiguous self-help articles, I try to write about things that I think will help people, but I try to be concise and precise. It is not enough to tell readers to love themselves, we all know that we must do them, the problem is knowing how to do it.

So I could just ignore the kind of content that I don't enjoy and let those who do be happy reading their stories.

Or I can rant about it.

I think you know what decision I made.

The infamous comfort zone

One of the most exploited and misused terms in the self-help world is the comfort zone. That state of mind where everything is in our control and we feel comfortable and undisturbed.

Why the hell would you want to get out of there?

It's like telling a baby kangaroo to get out of its mother's warm and cozy pouch to run away from cheetahs.

We are constantly told that we must get out of our comfort zone because that is where growth and evolution happens. Being in a place without challenges or fears only stagnates us in one place for months.

So what if I told you that you can have both?

You can take risks, do things that scare you, explore the unknown, and still be in your comfort zone.

Because the key is to expand it, not get out of it.

The Hannah Montana method

You don't have to put yourself in stressful situations that take away your peace. That is not evolving, it is attacking your mental health.

So you can choose to do the Hannah Montana method, have the best of both worlds.

You can encourage yourself to do new things, take risks, do things that make you nervous, and make all of that your comfort zone. The idea is to expand it until it is the size of the world.

For some people, their comfort zone is swimming with sharks or base jumping.

For me, it can be working on my startup or my side hustle, and that doesn't mean I'm not achieving great things.

You can make small decisions every day that will expand your comfort zone. Go for a walk, read a new book, travel alone.

You don't need to take drastic action just because you read in an article that if you didn't walk across America at least once, you didn't have a full life. We don't all have to be extreme athletes to be happy.

So responding to your offer: no, I don't want to leave my comfort zone, I am very comfortable in it, thank you.


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