• Emma Buryd

I Am Very Aware Of My Flaws - My Biggest Flaw

 — So, what is your biggest weakness?

— I’m too perfectionist.”

That will be the vibe of this entire article, so be warned.

By the way, if you’re ever in a job interview, never say that.

When I was in school, I remember some people once came to hand us some personality tests. I was around 16 years old if I remember correctly.

We spent all day answering questionnaires, filling out forms, circling words, and doing all kinds of tests. They told us that it would help us choose a career to study at the university. That made sense to me.

In one of the tests, it was supposed to tell you your personality type. The result was a long and detailed document that described your conduct and behavior.

My document described me as a “mediator”, a person who cares about everyone feeling comfortable. Although sometimes, to maintain harmony, the mediator may renounce his own tranquility.

“That’s lame.” I thought.

However, that description resonated deeply with me. Today, knowing that has helped me understand some things about my behavior.

I’m not a person with too many friends, nor am I involved in arguments often, but obviously I have had them. I have come to realize that my position during a disagreement is to be very aware of my mistakes.

When I have a fight with someone, I’m more inclined to think about how it is my fault and what I did to cause it. If the other person has another kind of personality, they will take advantage of this.

I can tell you 3 things you could do better and then 5 mistakes that I’ve made and haven’t helped. Usually, they will use the 5 things I recognized against me.

If it weren’t for that test they made me take at school, maybe I wouldn’t understand why I do that. I prefer to agree with you even if I think you are wrong to move forward and overcome it.

Choose your battles, maybe?

Don’t think that I have no spine or that I don’t stand up for myself. I can be very stubborn. Many times, even though I am aware of my mistakes, I don’t bother to admit or change them.

It’s like when you see your child playing in the playground and you see that he is going to fall headfirst on the slide but you don’t do anything. That’s me with my flaws.

I’m aware of them, but don’t expect me to do something about it.

And that itself is a great flaw. At least I’m aware that I have it.

Anyway, don’t take me too seriously. Maybe I answered that test wrong, I was 16 anyway. Maybe a piece of paper can’t define your entire personality, or maybe the test was incorrect. At the end of the day, they told me that I should get a degree in sociology.

What the hell does a sociologist do anyway?

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