• Bola Kwame

How You Can Be Healthy The Easy Way

When we think about being healthy, two things come to mind: diet and exercise.

Two things that have always been known to require effort, discipline, and hard work. Therefore, we assume that it is something difficult to achieve and maintain.

But what if I told you that it can actually be very easy to be healthy?

And no, this won’t be your typical “you just have to have the will and believe in yourself and you can achieve anything” article. Don’t worry.

This will not be a motivational and banal piece with not really practical tips. I'm not a nutritionist or coach, much less look like Dwayne Johnson. I’m just a guy in his mid-20s trying to maintain a fairly healthy body.

I’ve given up, cheated on my diet with McFlurries, and disappointed my gym buddies way too many times. I managed to change my way of seeing diet and exercise so as not to approach them as tedious and difficult tasks.

You can make all of this fun, entertaining, and rewarding. This way, training and eating healthy doesn’t have to be a huge sacrifice or an unpleasant journey.

Exercising can be fun too

What do you think when they tell you that you should exercise? Surely in long and hard sessions in the gym. Sweat the equivalent of your weight, train until your muscles ache and no pain no gain.

That’s great if you can adapt, but you don’t have to be that way for everyone.

What does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle? Basically having habits that keep you in a healthy physical and mental state. That’s all.

It means that exercising doesn’t necessarily have to be lifting weights in a gym. You can just go jogging or find a sport that you like. Near where I live, they opened a beach tennis court and I didn’t know it was so much fun. I go at least once a week and I can play for hours, I end up sweaty and tired as hell, but I have fun like a kid.

I have also made good friends, which are difficult to make in adulthood, so that’s a plus.

You can do the same, find an activity that you enjoy. Try hiking, walk regularly, pleasantly practice a sport. Trainers usually don’t tell you how many calories you can burn playing volleyball in a park.

Dieting can be tasty

I spoke superficially about this a few months ago. When I started to see a nutritionist I understood something very obvious that no one has told me before. The diet you decide to follow should be the healthiest possible version of what you already like.

Not everything is broccoli and brown rice.

A good nutritionist should help you find meals that are tasty for you, and not forbid you anything. It’s more a matter of portions and balance. No good diet consists of sacrificing all tasty foods or desserts.

Include plenty of greens in your meals, eat a variety, don’t choke on sweets, and watch the calories.

Unless you are a high-performance athlete, that should be enough for you. Since we are not here to have a statuesque body, we’re just to have a lifestyle that allows us to live more than 40 years…

At least…

In short, making changes isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t always have to be horrible. You can easily make big changes if you approach them effectively.

Have you managed to make significant changes with ease? How has diet and exercise been for you?

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