• Bola Kwame

How to Trick People Into Thinking You Are Interesting

We have to face it, the holidays are coming. That means office parties, family gatherings, and awkward conversations.

Or at least that's what it has meant to you. But no more, my friend. You can turn any small and boring talk into a deep and interesting dialogue in seconds.

You only need to keep 3 things in mind. Also, they are not unrevolutionary groundbreaking concepts, they are very obvious if you think about it.

Here's how you become the life of the party:

1. Avoid the same old questions

We always go to the typical questions, "How is work?", "Can you believe this weather?" They sound like a safe shot, but they are knowing we set a boring tone in the conversation.

Ask questions that require longer and more elaborate answers.

If you are talking to a coworker, you can ask "Outside of work, what things do you like to do?" That question opens the door to more interesting conversations.

"What's the craziest thing that happened to you this week?"

These are questions that although they are not intrusive or crazy, are not so common in small talks.

Ask different questions and you will get different conversations.

2. Be interested

Admit it, your favorite part of talking to someone is being listened to. It's perfectly normal, we all want to feel heard.

If you want to engage deeply with someone, whether it's at a party or a date, make them feel like what they say is important.

How do you do it?

Easy. Ask deep questions about their jobs, hobbies, or passions.

If someone tells you they are a vet, ask why they chose that career. Ask what a day in the life of a veterinarian is like.

Why do you like that? How do you do that?

These questions make even the most boring job or hobby feel interesting.

If you are interested in what others are saying, you will look interesting.

3. Talk with your body

Body language is very important during conversations. You just have to remember a few key aspects.

Always maintain eye contact, do not check your phone, or look elsewhere in the room.

Make sure your body is pointing towards the person, especially your feet. When we feel uninterested or want to leave, we unconsciously point our bodies towards the exit.

Nod your head when you listen, use your hands to express yourself.

If you follow these steps, it doesn't matter that you're an accountant doing puzzles in your spare time. Everyone will see you as someone very interesting and you will find yourself in enriching conversations.

It's time to dust off social skills.

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