• Jack Graves

How to Start Any New Habit in Literally 2 Minutes

They say it takes 21 days to build a new habit, and 2 minutes is much less than that time. So how do you build a habit in such a short time?

A new activity becomes a habit when we stop resisting doing it and it becomes part of our behavior. That is why it takes so much perseverance and time. Our body and brain must absorb this new pattern as part of the routine and stop being something new.

However, this is easier said than done. If you want to start hitting the gym or eat healthy homemade food instead of ordering food at home, it will always be easier not to.

This is why you need the 2-minute rule.

What is the two-minute rule?

When you are about to do the new activity, you focus on the entire task completed. Just thinking about going to the gym, being there for an hour or 2, driving back, doing your workout clothes, etc. You get demotivated in seconds.

Or if you arrive at work tired, think about cooking for an hour to have a meal as part of your diet when you can order food in seconds with your phone.

You should stop focusing on the entire task and start focusing only on the first two minutes.

If you decide to do it, what do the first two minutes of this habit consist of?

If we're talking about going to the gym, in the first two minutes you put on your workout clothes and get ready to go out. Or to cook, the first thing you do is put the ingredients on the table.

Once you have made the very first step, you will find that you will naturally feel driven to continue.

The big challenge in starting a new habit is eliminating as much friction as possible.

It sounds counterintuitive but the most frictional moment is just before we start, that's where we completely decide to do nothing. The moment where we feel motivated and with less friction is right after we start.

So the solution is easy, make the very first moment as simple as possible. Like putting on your running shoes or getting ingredients out of your fridge.

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