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How To Make New Years Resolutions That You Will Actually Accomplish

It's December already, do you know what it means?

Ugly sweaters, the Spotify Wrapped, family dinners, and having to plan New Year's resolutions.

How did that go for you this year, by the way?

Oh, you don't want to talk about it. It's fine I get it.

It's inevitable to feel motivated to make big changes to our lives this month. We want to eat healthily, go to the gym, quit smoking, find a better job. However, those resolutions look very similar to last year's.

And to those of the year before that. And the ones from the year before... You get the idea.

The problem is not you, you are not incapable of achieving it, you are only making your goals wrong.

This is how you can make achievable resolutions.

1. Choose goals that are yours

Take your time to think deeply about the things you want to accomplish in the coming year. What do you want to change? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to become?

Don't take it lightly, don't pick resolutions just for the sake of it.

Think about what you really want and not what you think others want from you. Do you want to eat better because your mom keeps telling you that you look overweight? Don't you think it's better to have a balanced diet to take care of your health?

Find the right motivation to achieve your goals.

2. Choose achievable resolutions

One of the most common mistakes is setting very big goals with unrealistic expectations. You will hardly meet those expectations at the beginning, so you will lose motivation quickly.

Don't think that you will quit smoking in a day, or that you will go to the gym 6 days a week.

Start with small achievable steps. Little by little you can raise the bar.

3. Set specific goals

The more vague and ambiguous your resolution, the easier it will be to abandon it by March.

Don't set yourself "eat healthily" or "save money", think of specific actions that take you closer to those goals.

Make an appointment with a nutritionist, cut carbohydrates, save 10% of your salary per month. Those are specific actions that you can measure and control.

4. Don't push yourself too hard

Don't punish yourself too much. In the process, it will be normal to fail and see no progress at first. If you are very hard on yourself you won't be motivated to continue.

Allow yourself to learn from your mistakes and be proud of your achievements, even the smallest. If you managed to jog for 10 minutes without vomiting, celebrate!

It's normal not to have willpower every day, so don't beat yourself up on those days. Just keep in the rhythm of getting back on track and moving on.

5. Keep track of your progress

When you think about a goal, you only worry about two moments: when you start and when you achieve it. In the middle, there is a whole road with ups and downs and you have to focus on it too.

Keep track of your results, whatever your goal is.

Count how many fewer cigarettes you smoke per day compared to when you started. Download an app that measures your exercise progress. Write down each and every one of your micro wins and visualize them.

It is time to achieve the resolutions that you have postponed for years and you draw new ones for 2022. Everything is in discipline and in maintaining consistency.

It will not be easy every day, but it will get easier every day.

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