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How To Learn Anything You Want Fast

I know that you're a curious person and constantly want to learn new things. You feel highly motivated at first but get bored quickly.

No, I'm not spying on you. I know that because I'm you.

There is a scientific reason why we struggle to learn new things, and luckily, you can fix it. And I'm talking about anything, from studying for midterms to learning to play an instrument.

In essence, learning always works the same.

Why is learning something difficult sometimes?

You may wonder why you get bored quickly if you are interested in learning new things?

Don't feel bad, it's actually not your fault. It's your brain's fault. In fact, everything's your brain's fault. You're fine, don't worry. That pink gelatinous mass on your head is the problem. We cool.

The point is that when you try to study, the brain reacts similarly to stressful situations. The same area that handles pain and anxiety is stimulated before learning anything. That is why it is a natural reaction to avoid such a situation.

"But learning new things excites me and makes me feel really good. What are you talking about?"

What makes you feel good in the sense of reward. Learning something new can make you feel like a successful mid-court shot in basketball.

The point is to increase the feeling of reward and decrease the feeling of stress.

Tips that will help you learn fast

By following these tips, you can shorten the time it takes to learn something and the reward will come sooner. That way, you won't be bored or overwhelmed.

You just have to understand how the brain works when you learn something and reprogram the way you study. See how to hack your mind.

Tip # 1: Prioritize information

When you are exposed to new information, your brain is very good at remembering things. However, you naturally prioritize what is most important to you.

Although sometimes the criteria it uses to decide what is important can be confusing.

For some reason, I remember all the lyrics from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's opening but I never remember if I turned off the stove.

When you study something, focus first on the parts that are most important or least understood. If you're going to study for an exam, you don't go over all your notes from start to finish, separate them into sections.

If you learn to play the guitar, dedicate yourself to what's most difficult for you.

Tip # 2: You must not only remember, but you must also understand

Once you retain the new information, you must make sure that you really understand what you know.

You may remember that photosynthesis is the process where plants convert inorganic matter to organic matter thanks to sunlight. Great.

But what does that really mean?

For this, we usually compare the new information with things that we already know.

That's why teachers explain math with real-life examples, like when Sally had 5 watermelons and bought 2 more.

Converting new information into understandable real-life data is the best way to retain that information.

Tip # 3: sleep well

You can spend all day studying 10 chapters for your Biochemistry exam, but that information is being absorbed while you sleep.

While you're asleep, your brain begins taking an inventory of everything you learned that day. The information actually set is at this time.

When I was applying to Universities, I remember that my professors always recommended that I never study the night before an exam.

That information would simply be discarded instantly because my brain would not have time to absorb it. So make sure you get enough sleep.

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