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How To Know If You Need Rehab For Depression: A Simple Guide

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

When people hear the word "rehab" they think of rock stars and actors with substance problems, they never think of rehab for depression. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe you need more than just therapy for your mental health?

Thinking about going through a rehab program sounds unlikely to most, as it is something we associate with something very serious. I'm not Johnny Depp, why would I need it? you might be thinking. The truth is that this is not exclusive to people who suffer from alcoholism or drug addiction, and in many cases, it is exactly what people with mental illness need, they just don't know it.

Here's the deal:

Mental health rehab is a thing and probably many of us will need it at some point in our lives. We limit our idea of ​​treatments for depression to seeing a psychiatrist weekly and taking some medications. Sometimes that simply isn't enough, and it's then that we may need to seriously consider rehab as an option.

If you're wondering how to tell if you need rehab for depression, let's first look at what the big scary 'r' word actually means.

Knowing More About Rehab For Depression

What is the difference between conventional treatment for depression and rehab? First of all, when you go to therapy regularly, you still have to go to work, school, pick up your kids, stream Minecraft or whatever it is you do for a living. Sometimes when the problem is very big, it is necessary to stop for a moment and focus squarely on our mental health.

In most cases when we are depressed we don't even know that we are depressed. Therefore, we tend to believe that we should continue our life as if nothing happened, big mistake. Treatment for depression shouldn't take just a couple of hours of our time a week, it is a continuous process that has no breaks. This leads us to make the mistake of thinking that we should only work on ourselves during free hours, after arriving from work.

Rehab for depression makes us commit 100% to our recovery process. Sometimes, to achieve this, we have to put everything on pause and go to a health center temporarily. It is not easy to assimilate and admit that the problem has worsened and that we need help, but when we do, the return process is much easier.

When Everything Is The Same But Feels Different

Depression is a diagnosable illness that has chemical effects on our brain. It changes our way of seeing everything, of relating to others and relating to ourselves.

Having a depressive episode is normal in that you no longer enjoy doing the things you love doing so much. Going out with your friends is no longer so fun, going outside is no longer so appealing. But when the problem is big, it does not allow us to function as we should.

Depression does not allow us to be parents, or students, or coworker, spouse or friend. This is when we must consider rehab.

There Is Substance Abuse

Mental illness seldom comes alone, it comes in gangs, driving Harleys and clad in leather. So it is normal that when a person suffers from depression, the abuse of cannabis, alcohol and other drugs are present.

It gets worse:

When we start using substances to deal with our emotions, little by little it becomes our defense mechanism and then our only mechanism. You can get to the point of depending on those things to function as a human being. If treating depression is not an easy thing, imagine also treating alcoholism or drug addiction. Being in a controlled environment with professionals is ideal to heal ourselves.

Life Becomes Twice As Difficult

If our brain doesn't work well to handle emotions, it clearly won't work to complete assignments or study. If you find that your job performance is no longer the same or your boss has let you know that you are not meeting the objectives, you should strongly consider rehab for mental health.

In the same way, if you are in college. Your grades go down, retaining new information is simply not possible. It is a signal to give yourself a break, request a leave and start your recovery.

Negative Thoughts Cloud Your Mind

Not only work assignments or college exams get complicated, everything becomes difficult. It is impossible to be motivated to make a nice and delicious dinner or to get out of bed to go jogging if you only think that you are a failure or can not do anything right.

Negative thoughts consume all of our energy, leaving us none of it to do normal life things. One of the first signs of clinical depression is thoughts of self-harm, and this is when rehabilitation and treatment are most needed.

If you have recognized one or more of these signs in yourself, see a mental health professional as soon as possible. Whether he suggests treatment or rehab, do your best to start healing now. The road is not easy but you don't have to do it alone.

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