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How To Completely Ruin Someone's Day

Tired of being a decent and empathetic human being? Do you want to stop repressing your desires to give your opinion on the appearances of others?

Do not despair, today I am going to show you how you can completely destroy the peace and serenity of any person today. It's clear that everyone deserves to know what you think even if they have not asked you.

Do you want to know the best part? This guide is totally free. Do you want to know the second-best part? It is extremely easy to ruin the day of others.

Do you know those things called feelings that others have? Pay no attention to them. They don't matter at all. Why should you care? Follow this list precisely and make everyone around feel grateful when you leave.

Comment on other people's clothing

Do you know what makes someone's day start right? Say "nice pajamas" when they are wearing normal clothes.

Tell your classmate that he is very brave to dress like that without listening to what others are saying. Let your friend know that her skirt would look cute if her body had another shape. Others deserve to know your opinions of fashion about their outfits, without a doubt.

Send them an urgent text and then don't reply

After a good hot coffee, people love receiving alarmist texts and then nothing at all.

Send a coworker:

"Are you there? IT'S AN EMERGENCY"

And then don't reply nor answer their calls. That will surely help them to get through the rest of the day calmly and serenely.

Tell them you should talk... tomorrow

If you have workers under your charge, what better motivator than to tell them that you have to talk to them in your office about something serious. But you know what? It can wait until tomorrow.

It also works wonders with your partner. A concise and powerful "hey, we should talk" to fan the flame of the relationship.

Having to wait a whole 24 hours speculating in their heads about what the conversation is will surely make them have an amazing day!

Tell them they look tired

If you notice that someone you know looks like they aren't having a good day, tell them!

Your opinion is too useful and important not to say it.

Telling them they look tired will help them a lot. They surely are and now they will do something about it. Something like... not being tired? I don't know. You already did your part.

React without emotion to their stories

If someone is telling you about the great weekend they had, and they are speaking to you with excitement and energy, just reply with "Oh, great."

What's more, if you notice a lot of passion in what the other person says, just interrupt them and ask why they talk so much. I mean, I know you're talking to me about something you love, but you have to be so ... I don't know, happy about it?

People will love talking to you.

"Don't listen to what the others say, you're doing your best"

That previous phrase is perfect to boost the mood of your friends and coworkers.

Even if no one is actually talking about their performance. Tell them not to listen to the comments of others, then acknowledge that they are doing what they can.

Your acquaintances will love that you are aware of their effort.

Comment on their body

Do you think someone could be better off if they lose a couple of pounds? Or that your friend would have better luck with the ladies if he was taller?

You cannot allow them to continue living without your comments on their bodies!

Most of those things are not their fault nor can they correct it, but hey, at least now they know what you think.

What else do you like to do to ruin your friends' day? Let me know in the comments.

By the way, if you usually do one or more things from the list above, please also let me know. So I will know that I do not want to be your friend!

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