• Bola Kwame

How Spirituality Helps Me When I Feel Hopeless

We all have different resources to help us when we feel in despair. Some turn to religion, others to therapy, meditation, family, or all of the above.

Where do you go?

I have learned over the years that you never have too many tools. So I'm open to all kinds of techniques that help my well-being.

Of course, I have been to therapy. I have discussed my mental challenges with a professional, which I recommend to everyone. Also, I have tried meditation, exercise, natural medicine, and many other things.

Some work for me more than others, and they don't always all help me at the same time. That's why I insist: you never have too many tools.

Lately, spirituality has been my great ally in my mental health journey. I find it curious since I was never someone too connected to her spiritual self. By this I'm not referring to religion, I am speaking of a spirituality to which any person can turn.

I'm obviously not a shaman or an expert, but several principles have helped me calm my mind. They help me stay in the present and clear my thoughts.

Look inside of you

You can't talk about spirituality without talking about introspection. The western and popular image that exists about our spirit is the one in which it exists within us. It may sound symbolic, but it has a reason.

Before facing the outside world, you must see inside yourself. That means getting to know yourself and being self-aware.

When I feel hopeless, looking inward means acknowledging my emotions without judging or repressing them. That has helped me to recognize patterns and behaviors.

You are a complex and multifaceted being. You must pay attention to the signs and embrace them with kindness.

Keep moving

The world is made up of different systems that fit together. Everything is constantly changing and evolving and you cannot be the exception.

Keep your mind and body active as an act of self-love. Think of one thing a day that makes you feel better than the day before and work on it.

Allow yourself to get some rest. The world can be overwhelming and it's okay to feel tired, but you can't stay stuck. Everything will keep moving forward and fighting against it will only make everything more difficult.

Feel connected to something bigger

The daily life of life makes us forget more transcendental things. Remember to stay connected to your spiritual beliefs and values.

If you are a religious person, remember to pray. If you fight for the environment, plant a tree. If family is the most sacred thing to you, invite your parents to dinner.

You are more than your profession; you are more than the problems you have now. We are all parts of bigger things that go beyond the banalities that we worry so much about.

Do the things that make you feel alive and whole.

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