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How LinkedIn Can Boost Your Business

If you're like me, you've always avoided LinkedIn. The long and complex posts, the profiles pumped with information, the lack of color and images.

Let's be honest, this social network is not the friendliest or the most attractive. But it doesn't have to be.

Like many of you, I opened my account, provided my basic information, and never logged in again. I keep getting emails from nearby job opportunities but have never clicked on one.

However, LinkedIn is one of the most important platforms out there. Especially for you, young entrepreneur.

If you want to share images and videos you go to Instagram. If you want to micro-blog you go to Twitter. If you want to create business connections, you go to LinkedIn.

Some don't see the point, and this is because they're not taking advantage of this platform. Used well, LinkedIn can provide the boost you crave in your startup.

5 benefits of using LinkedIn for your business

  1. Greater presence of your brand in social media. Conventional social networks are very good for marketing your business, but if you want an effective online presence, you must make yourself known among other entrepreneurs.

  2. Customer acquisition. You can attract potential buyers or consumers by having a strong networking strategy.

  3. Talent recruitment. One of the strengths of LinkedIn is that users can apply to join your team. You can attract the best of the best if you have an optimized profile of your company.

  4. Objective feedback. The interactions here are not limited to likes and hearts. In this platform, you will have a more objective measurement of how users perceive your brand.

  5. Strengthen alliances. You can not only create a community of potential clients but potential business allies. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for networking and working alongside other entrepreneurs like you.

Some things to take into account to achieve this

This is a very useful tool, however, it is not enough to log in and create a profile. Like any social network, you must take care of several aspects to achieve your goals.

Just as there are tips and tricks to get more likes on Instagram or retweets on Twitter, there are specific things that will help you on LinkedIn.

First, be sure of what you are looking for. Do you want more exposure to your brand? Do you want to attract more people to your website? Expand your work team? Don't just go expecting "results", set a specific goal.

Have a detailed and clear profile. This can be a pebble in the shoe for many since it seems that you never finish setting your profile.

Make sure to provide as much information as you can. The name of your company, its location, social media links, slogan, logo, CTAs. In this way, everyone who enters your site will know exactly who you are and what you offer.

Post regularly. Don't forget that this is a social space, so create and share quality content for your contacts. You can publish articles, videos, infographics, and everything you can think of.

Interact with other projects. This is the fun part. The key is bonding, so if you see something you like about another brand, let them know! Comment, interact and share other people's posts.

Keep an eye on the stats. LinkedIn provides you with a variety of vital information and data about your profile. The people who have visited your site, clicks, interactions, and traffic. In this way, you can constantly improve and make changes to grow more and more.

How has your experience with LinkedIn been? Have you managed to meet objectives or does it seem like an over-complicated platform?

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