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Here's 3 Scientifically Proven Persuasion Tips

The human mind is like a computer, you can hack your neighbor’s to get what you want.

That sounds a bit illegal but let me elaborate.

When you want to get everyone to do what you want (in a legal and consensual way), there are certain hacks you can do to achieve it. Even if you are not the most charming and charismatic person.

These hacks that I am going to present you next, are not cheap quackery. That’s not a “just be confident” thing.

Everything I will talk about here has proven scientific evidence. So don’t take my word for it, take science.

These tips will help you stand out in group job interviews, get favors from strangers, and always get a yes for an answer.

1. The Foot-In-The-Door Technique

This technique will help you get favors from people that they wouldn’t normally do.

This study was conducted in 1966 by researchers Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser. They divided the houses in a neighborhood into two groups. Group 1 was asked to allow them to put up a large sign in their gardens with the message “Drive Carefully”, and no family agreed to this request.

Group 2 was asked for something similar, but the sign was much smaller. All the families in group 2 agreed. 2 weeks later, the families in group 2 were asked to change the small sign to a larger one. 76% of the families accepted.

This is the foot-in-the-door technique. People are more likely to accept big favors if they have already accepted a small favor before.

So the next time you need a big favor from someone, ask them for a small, insignificant favor first.

2. The weather and acceptance

In 2012, Nicolas Guéguen, professor of social psychology, experimented on the streets of France.

They approached several strangers on the street, asking for coins to pay for the parking meter. They explained that they just parked their cars and only had a banknote as change.

The days when this was done were classified as “good” weather days (sunny days) and “bad” weather days (cloudy days). On good weather days, 22% of people agreed to give coins and on cloudy days only 14% did.

Even the experiment concluded that women are more reluctant to give their phone numbers to men on the streets on cloudy days. And in general, people are more willing to take surveys on sunny days.

The explanation is that the weather can affect our mood. The Sun can make us feel comfortable and in a good mood, more likely to accept requests and favors.

So if you want to ask someone for something, make sure it’s sunny outside.

3. The Center Stage Effect

This marketing study showed that consumers are more likely to choose products that are in the middle. Products whose cost is intermediate or that are placed in the center of the counters.

But this goes beyond consumer behavior. It has been proven that our brain subconsciously focuses more on the elements that are at the center of things. This is called the Center Stage Effect.

So if you want to stand out in a group, always put yourself in the middle. Especially in group interviews.

Researchers looked at the results of 20 episodes of the TV game show The Weakest Link. In it, participants answer general knowledge questions and position themselves in a semi-circle. At the end of each round, all contestants vote one member out.

In 42.5% of the time, the contestants located in the center of the semicircle reached the final rounds, as opposed to 17.5% of those who were located in the extremes.

So now you know, start by asking for small favors, wait for the sun to rise, and always sit in the center.

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