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Get Published Or Die Trying

You've been trying to publish your first book for months but publishers just ignore you? It takes them months to get back to you and they just tell you that they've been too busy to read your manuscript?

Luckily for us, this is no longer 1949. We don't strictly need other people to publish our works.

However, although the internet, tools, and platforms have always been there, it's not always clear how to use them. This is why many young writers are hesitant about self-publishing their work.

That is why I did a little research, adding what I have learned in my years of writing on the internet. This starter pack will help you in your first steps.

1. You will always need an editor

Not even Stephen King or R. R. Martin is spared having to go through an editor first, so don't take it personally.

I know you have rewritten dozens of times and reworked your manuscript tirelessly, but we always miss details. This is why the editor's job is so important. It's not just about knowing where to put commas, it's about spelling, grammar, punctuation, formats, and structures that we often don't know about.

You can hire the services of an online editor on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. There are very talented people there, just look at the reviews.

2. Design a cover

This is another service from which you will need someone else to help you. This of course, unless you are a designer yourself.

However, designing the cover of a book is not like making any illustration, there are certain rules to apply. You can look for freelancers on the internet to help you capture the essence of your book in a striking image.

First impressions matter, that's why the cover will be like the cover letter of your story.

3. Set the technical aspects

Publishing a book online is not the same as doing it physically, in which the manuscript needs specific formats for printing.

Although it must meet other criteria that go beyond the literary.

It doesn't matter if you like to write in MS Word, Google Docs, or your phone's notes app, your final work should be in PDF and ePUB format. Basically, because they are the most used by platforms and devices that host online books.

Don't make the mistake of submitting a manuscript in .docx format.

Make sure your text works accordingly in both formats, you can use software to convert it.

4. Contact publishing platforms

Start with the largest and mainstream. If you think of looking for a book to read on your phone or tablet, where would you go?

That's right, to Google, Amazon, or Apple.

Each of these three big tech companies has its own book publishing platforms. Each one has its own rules and guidelines for submitting.

This is why the first 3 points are important, you don't want to be rejected for a technical glitch.

You can be published in any of them or all of them, why not? Google's platform is Google Books, to publish on Amazon you must go to Kindle Direct Publishing, and in the case of Apple to Apple Books.

You will only have to fill out a form with the data of your book, such as the genre and the audience it is aimed at.

5. The promo starts here

The fun starts now. It's not just hitting the Submit button and job done.

Promote your book on social networks, enter writers forums let the world know that you are your published writer.

If your book is doing well, you can contact a traditional publisher. They will pay more attention to your book as it has some track record. That could get you a physical book publication.

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