• Jack Graves

Get People To Respect You In 5 Ridiculously Quick And Easy Steps

Usually, shy and introverted people tend to have passive personalities. That can lead to more effusive people taking advantage of it.

Do you usually reserve your opinions so as not to disturb others? If they give you a wrong order at Starbucks, do you prefer to go with that and not complain? Are you interrupted when you speak regularly?

These are all signs that you have a hard time getting others to respect you. With these 5 tips and a little practice, you can change that in no time.

1. Make yourself be heard

When you're in a group conversation, it's normal to feel like you're just a listener. We prefer to let others speak and make them feel heard. Sometimes they even interrupt us when we decide to participate.

It is important that you speak up and make others listen to you. You don't have to be rude to do that. Speak confidently and in an appropriate tone of voice, make sure to look people in the eye and say their names when you speak.

This grabs people's attention and they will be more inclined to listen to you and not interrupt your words. Your opinion is important and must be heard.

2. Be expressive about your limits

We are diplomatic people and we tend to give up our boundaries to keep the peace in our relations. Oftentimes, others step on those limits and don't know they are doing it because we don't do anything about it.

Let's say you are driving a friend. This friend starts eating in your car or smoking, leaving crumbs or the smell of smoke on the seats. Your friend is disrespecting your car and disrespecting you.

Be vocal and clear about the things that bother you about their behavior, you can do it in a friendly but confident way. Surely your friend will understand that without a problem.

This also means knowing how to say "no" when necessary.

3. Don't apologize unnecessarily

Let me guess, you say sorry all the time, even when you didn't do anything wrong.

Don't apologize if you don't have to. If someone did something bad to you, saying I'm sorry only validates their bad behavior.

When you know you're right, wait for people to admit it and apologize to you. It doesn't matter if they never do, make sure you're not the one to say sorry.

4. Don't sacrifice your well-being for others

Admittedly, we can't feel like champions every day.

It's okay not to feel okay.

On those days, you don't have to pretend that everything is fine just to please others. Sometimes we put the comfort of others above our own. We abandon our plans to fulfill those of others. We put our sanity on the line just to please those who don't deserve it.

Because no one deserves you to sacrifice your sanity for them.

When you feel like you need to step back and slow down, do so. Others must understand that you have to rest your mind and body. First is your health, you must respect that so that others respect you.

5. Watch your body language

Many times we say a lot without even speaking.

People can tell if they can trample you or take advantage of you in a few minutes if your non-verbal language tells them that.

Stand tall, raise your head, look people in the eye. Don't look down when they speak to you, use your hands to express yourself better. Stand up to say something important, take your hands out of your pockets, and shake hands firmly.

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