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Fake News Is The Worst Pandemic We Have Ever Lived

Vaccination campaigns in the United States and around the world have started a few weeks ago, however, many still wonder, are Covid vaccines safe?

Although millions have managed to be successfully vaccinated without any problems, the media seems more interested in showing fake news about the possible side effects of vaccines. This is causing fear and even more disbelief as if we just couldn't get enough of anti-vaxxers.

Why, although we NEED for at least 70% of the world's population to be vaccinated, do traditional media spread fear about it? Will the Pfizer vaccine really alter my DNA? Will the Russian vaccine turn my blood into vodka?

We have already talked about the conspirationists mind, we already know why they prefer to believe in crazy theories instead of relying on proven information. But now it’s not just flat Earthers, it’s your neighbors, your coworkers, the guy from 7 Eleven down the street, many people are believing in this fake news related to the Covid vaccine.

Are COVID vaccines safe?

If your grandparents have smartphones and know how to forward messages, you have probably already received news of dubious origin via WhatsApp, Telegram, or another messaging app. The fake news about Covid vaccines has spread to the point that it looks like a new pandemic. But people have always been prone to believe sensational news, there is nothing new about it. The difference is that this inaccurate and malicious information is now being spread by reputable and reputable media outlets.

Any vaccine can have unwanted results, not just Covid ones, and it has always been that way. However, studies and results have shown that the efficacy has been very satisfactory compared to the few cases with complications.

We are not surprised when user @ AnonymousKingSlayer66 with a profile photo of Guy Fawkes mask shares theories on the vaccine as a means of mind control on Twitter. But what does the BBC or Fox News gain by lying or exaggerating about the side effects of the vaccine?

We are interested in reading negative news over positive news

The answer is very easy: good things do not generate as much impact as crises or devastating accidents.

The headline "vaccination journey proceeds without complications" is boring and simple and nobody clicks on it. On the other hand, this other headline "Woman gets the Pfizer vaccine and dies two minutes later" generates intrigue, impacts, is exciting, we are going to forward it without reading the entire news beforehand. RETWEET.

You shared that article without reading before that the woman died when she was hit by a truck while leaving the clinic. Now, uncle Roger doesn't believe in pharmaceuticals and refuses to get the vaccine. Nice job!

Terror and worry have more powerful effects on the brain and fear stays longer in our minds, the media knows that and takes advantage of it. A very clear example is the case of blood clots in patients who received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Myths and exaggerations about vaccine side effects

The AstraZeneca vaccine has been one of the most attacked by the media after cases were reported where patients suffered from blood clots in the abdomen and brain after being vaccinated. The headlines had no mercy and the fear and terror that spread over this company was such that some countries paused the importation of said vaccine.

But let's look at the real numbers:

In the UK, 79 clotting cases were reported from 20 million vaccinated people. This means that your chances of being struck by lightning are greater than those of having a side effect from the vaccine. Seen from that point of view, I do not see news warning people not to leave their houses because they could be struck by lightning, do you?

It sounds f*cked up but the news media profit more from affecting our mental health than from keeping us informed. This is evidenced when they are more inclined to promote sensationalism than real and contextualized data.

Fake News and mental health

By all this, I mean that we burn all the news media and form an anarchic state? Not yet, let's wait a few weeks...

In the meanwhile, I want to let you know not to be terrified just because a news page needs more clicks. Not only do we begin to believe lies, but negativity clouds our minds and we begin to believe that we live in a hellish world where nothing good happens. There are millions of positive news every day, sadly they are not clickbait. Read the entire article and don't settle for headlines, ignore the media that are notorious for exaggerating and lying too much and appreciate the real good things that are happening.

Teach your grandparents not to forward fake news, instead teach them to play Candy Crush. They'll be too busy playing it to spread misinformation.


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