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Don't Hit 'Publish' Before Fixing That First Paragraph

In the anatomy of a good article, we cannot forget the vital first paragraph. You have 10 seconds to convince the reader to stay. And if you want to know how to achieve it, read to the end.

There is a lot of talk about having a killer headline in your story. Also, I previously talked about how to make a subtitle that is up to the task.

Now, a headline catches the reader's attention and a subtitle convinces them to click. The first paragraph is the one that makes them stay.

That is why the beginning of the article in copywriting and SEO writing is so important. It is estimated that 70% of readers only read the first few lines.

If you want to make sure you don't have a story with many clicks and few views, you must hook them from the beginning.

The first paragraph should be a presentation of your piece

When someone starts reading your work they should know exactly what you are talking about in the first few seconds.

Readers have no patience to decipher your mysterious subject.

Some writers construct their first paragraph as a synthesized version of the full story. A kind of summary or synopsis. Here you must promise something to the reader, whether it is to find the solution to a problem, the answers to a question, or at least entertain them.

If you don't say anything valuable in your first paragraph, readers will disappear faster than coffee at an ex-smokers meeting.

It must contain keywords

This is not my advice that I discovered through experience, it is common knowledge.

Your keywords must appear at least once within the first 100 words. This is an SEO and positioning thing.

On the other hand, keywords will help the reader understand a bit more of what he is going to read next. So it is a win-win situation.

The reader reads a good piece of literature, you gain views, and large corporations ensure their dominance in our consumer society.

Everybody wins! Yay!

You must leave the reader wanting more

While your first paragraph is your cover letter, you can't reveal all of your cards at the beginning.

People should know what they will find ahead, but they should want to keep reading. For this, it is very useful to start with a question or a wish that the reader may have.

Let them know that the way to solve that question is to keep reading. They have to work for it.

Customers have already entered your little independent bakery, now have them take all the cupcakes home.

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