• Mauro Herrera

Don't Follow Your Dreams. They Are Making Your Life Miserable

We all hate clichés, but there's a reason they exist, right?

However, some of these are not only wrong, they can have very damaging effects. If they are not well channeled they can bring you a lot of problems instead of making things easier for you.

Are you currently following your dreams? Or do you think you already got them?

99% percent of us are always looking to follow our dreams (data not taken from scientific sources). And many who do, find that it was not really what they expected. Or worse, they get a bigger dream to follow.

Don't get me wrong, it is extremely important to set goals and project yourself into the future. But I consider that there is a defect in the mentality of following your dreams.

We see it as a way to stay motivated and on track to be happy. And there is the error.

When we think about following our dreams, we are letting our happiness depend on a hypothetical scenario.

I must get my dream job. Marry the partner of my dreams. Live in the house of my dreams in the city of my dreams. Only then will I be happy.

Ok, and in the meantime what? Will you keep putting off your happiness until you reach a goal that may not happen?

That's without taking into account the hundreds of cases of people discovering that their dream job is actually horrible. Or that your soul mate is not a good match. Goals are important, but we have no guarantee that this is what we really want.

What's the result? We normalize living frustrated and stressed because we are on our way to achieving it. We justify not feeling happy with what we have because happiness is a destination that we are in the process of reaching. When you realize it, that point in your life never came and you lost all that time.

I think the great and terrible cliché of "Follow your dreams" needs a rebranding. A second sentence just as cheesy that fixes the first part.

Something like: "Follow your dreams™ ... Also, make sure you make your day-to-day amazing while you get there."

It would be the longest cliche in the world, but at least it would help a lot of people not to feel so miserable.

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