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Don’t Be Fooled. Motivation Doesn’t Work Anymore

There are thousands of articles on the Internet that talk about how to stay motivated to achieve your goals. If you keep looking for motivation to do things, you will achieve nothing. You need something different.

I've even written several stories about staying motivated, but I already understood why that will never work.

Read to the end to find out why.

Imagine you have a car, a fast and luxurious vehicle like a brand new Ferrari. But this car doesn't need gas or electricity to run, it just needs snow. With a handful of snow, you can go 100 miles, that would be great right?

Snow is free, it literally falls from the sky!

But, unless you live in the North Pole, you won't have snow all year long. What will you do when it's summer?

This is exactly how motivation works. It's great when you have it and everything feels easier, but it's usually longer when we don't have it than when we do. Like snow.

You don't need motivation, you need discipline

Although they're expensive, we need a vehicle that runs on gasoline or electricity. That is what we will almost certainly always have.

Discipline is what will make you meet your goals when motivation is not there. And believe me, there will be many times that it won't be.

Instead of trying to figure out how to stay motivated at all times, work on being disciplined.

Our energy runs out, willpower fades. Human nature always leads us to do what takes the least effort.

How to stay disciplined? Make difficult habits easy to do. That way, you don't have to make decisions.

3 tips to easily adopt habits

It's all about making decisions. When you go jogging, you are choosing to run 5 miles instead of lying in bed eating ice cream. When you remove the decision from the formula, the magic begins to happen.

People who eat healthily and exercise daily don't decide to go for a run every morning. They don't choose a salad over a pizza. These options are simply the default, they are not chosen.

This happens when you build the habit. And this is how you can get started:

Start small. If you think you should start by going to the gym 5 days a week for 3 hours, you are wrong.

Most people give up on their goals because they have high expectations that they don't meet at first. The trick is to start small and see small results faster.

Start by going to the gym once a week, little by little it will be very easy and you will want to go for two days. Then 3, be progressive.

Eliminate distractions. If you want to start eating healthy, start by removing the 4-pound chocolate cake from the fridge.

If you want to go for a run at 5 am and you know that it is difficult for you to get up, leave everything arranged and have breakfast prepared the night before. Minimize as many obstacles between you and the goal.

Learn from failure. This is vital to building discipline. We never take failure the right way, so we never learn from it.

When you fail you keep progressing. It's not an obstacle in the process, it's part of it. Change the strategy but never the goal. Use the failures to your advantage and improve the plan at every step.

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